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Hit the grill Memorial Day

It’s kind of the beginning of what many consider grilling season. I never take a break from the charcoal, propane and wood chips, but Memorial Day stands out as the first holiday of the year with the menu based around the barbecue grill. For kids still in school it’s...

Hard cider harks back to colonial days

The craft brewing phenomenon has produced similar local, small-batch production of other spirits in the past few years, including whiskey and vodka. Like beer, one craft beverage that has begun to go mainstream — and also has become mass produced — is hard cider. Hard...

ACAC Cuban show wets its feet

Despite my lack of firsthand Cuban familiarity, the Alabama Contemporary Art Center’s new “Sister Shores” exhibit met expectations. When you share ocean currents and storms with the island state just south of Miami, you earn a roundabout acquaintance. I was...

Special news series and investigations

The slow rise and quick fall of GulfQuest

The $60 million GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico closed in November 2016, after just 13 months in operation. Although it reopened with limited hours several months later, Lagniappe's series of news stories, investigations, commentary and reviews raised questions about its feasibility before the doors even opened.

The resignation of Gov. Robert Bentley

Gov. Robert Bentley resigned on April 10, 2017 after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors related to campaign financing. Bentley had also been under fire for more than a year after intimate recordings between he and his political advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason were captured and released by his ex-wife and former First Lady Dianne Bentley.

Mobile Housing Board

Despite plans for multimillion-dollar redevelopment projects, the Mobile Housing Board of Commissioners has been beset by financial shortcomings and dilapidating infrastructure. From reprimands from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a lawsuit from former employees to the recent resignations of a longtime commissioner and executive director, the board has continued with plans to update its affordable housing stock.