Mobile native Javess Spencer serves aboard the USS Gunston Hall


NORFOLK – A 2014 Murphy High School graduate and Mobile native is serving in the U.S. Navy aboard USS Gunston Hall. Javess Spencer is a fireman aboard the Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship operating out of Norfolk, Virginia. A Navy fireman is responsible for training and developing knowledge of ship's engineering spaces and equipment. (more…) Continue Reading →

Read Aloud Baldwin seeks volunteers in Baldwin County

An outstanding opportunity for adults who value the importance of reading can be found in the Read Aloud Baldwin nonprofit organization. This September, Read Aloud Baldwin will begin its sixth year reading to the young children in the Baldwin County Head Start centers in Fairhope, Magnolia Springs and Hurricane. Our volunteers read one-on-one with 3-year-olds to 5-year-olds during the school year and each person is committed to the fact that reading aloud to young children is essential to developing a love of books and the desire to learn to read. Reading aloud to young children develops vocabulary, active listening, comprehension, and attention span — the building blocks of school success. (more…) Continue Reading →

Rachel Held Evans to speak at Dauphin Way United Methodist Church


Dauphin Way United Methodist Church will host Rachel Held Evans as the speaker of the 2016 Stephen and Ruth Dill Lecture Series. She will lead a special event for women of the community on Saturday morning, Sept. 24. On Sunday, Sept. 25, she will deliver the message during morning worship at 10:30 and will give a lecture on Sunday evening at 5:30. Continue Reading →

Cooperation is key

Dear Ashley:

If you’re happy to see pelicans, blue herons, and other wonderful wildlife along the Gulf Coast, raise your right hand and give thanks to Republican President Richard Nixon, who created the Environmental Protection Agency by executive order in 1970. If you enjoyed the Olympics and took pride in the strong performance of our United States team, which won a record 121 medals, raise your left hand and give thanks to Democratic Senator Birch Bayh from Indiana and Democratic congresswoman Edith Green from Oregon, who introduced the bill that created Title IX protection for women’s sports in 1972. If you’re grateful that the cold war is over and the Soviet Bloc crumbled, raise your right hand and thank Republican President Ronald Reagan, who drew a line in the sand in 1987 with the words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

If you’re thankful for Social Security and the way it protects men and women who worked all their lives from living their senior years in desperate poverty, raise your left hand and thank Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt, who introduced his intentions to create the Social Security Administration in 1934. These incredible achievements along with other nation-defining and world-transforming works like the Civil Rights Act, the interstate highway system, the mission to the moon and life-saving medical breakthroughs were all possible because the left and the right — Democrats and Republicans — worked together. It would not be to our benefit to have only one hand, as anyone who has lost use of a hand even temporarily can tell you. Continue Reading →

Accommodate this

Hmmm. The University of South Alabama now joins the ranks of those who encourage ambiguity in sexual identity. I got a big kick out of the symbol. Let’s be sure I get this straight. I get to decide, for whatever reason (no proof is required of me for this decision), that I am female (I am male, I think, based on my observation of what is in my pants), then I can go into any restroom I choose at USA whether labeled with a half-skirt or not. Continue Reading →

Council OKs MPD advisory council

The Mobile City Council on Tuesday got the votes it needed to create a citizen review board for the Mobile Police Department. With Councilwoman Bess Rich absent from the meeting, Councilman John Williams represented the only dissenting vote in the 5-1 decision. A supermajority of five votes was required to pass the new ordinance. The approved ordinance represents a marriage of two previous iterations, both of which were tabled. The new ordinance creates a Police Citizens Community Relations Advisory Council made up of eight members. Continue Reading →

County lets radio project resume

Commissioners from the Mobile County Communications District and Harris Communications representatives break ground on a $40 million emergency communications project Nov. 18, 2014.

After months of delay, the Mobile County Commission has approved a nondisclosure agreement with Harris Corp. allowing a long-awaited and controversial $40 million radio project to move forward. However, at least one commissioner isn’t sure why there was a holdup in the first place. (more…) Continue Reading →

Officials address chemical spill

After years of questions and few answers, residents of Eight Mile had the opportunity to hear state and local officials discuss the effects and document mitigation efforts related to a 2008 release of a chemical used to odorize natural gas. Sonja Massey, Alabama Department of Environmental Management groundwater branch chief, told the group of residents during a We Matter Eight Mile Community meeting that a 2008 lightning strike was the cause of a methyl mercaptan release from a plant in Eight Mile. (more…) Continue Reading →