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When a man loves a woman, he loses a governorship

When a man loves a woman Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else He’d trade the world For a good thing he’s found If she is bad, he can’t see it She can do no wrong Turn his back on his best friend If he puts her down When a man loves a woman Spend his very last dime Trying to hold on to what he needs He’d give up all his comforts And sleep out in the rain If she said that’s the way It ought to be— Percy Sledge Eve. Delilah. Cleopatra. Elizabeth Taylor. Angelina Jolie. When...

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Living the good life in America’s most miserable/fun/unhappy city

Well, I guess we are miserable again. Or at least not very happy. Just last year, the website WalletHub ranked Mobile as one of the “Most Fun Cities in America for 2016.” Three years earlier, Business Insider ranked us one of the “most miserable” cities to reside in. Last September, WalletHub released its “2016 Happiest States in America” list. Sadly, Alabama ranked 50 out of 51. And no, it wasn’t our good friend Mississippi, which usually keeps us from coming in dead last on every list like this, but rather West Virginia. Mississippi was actually 48. Go on, ‘Sippi,...

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Mickey and the moleskin

Going to Disney World is like having a baby. If you know someone who has done it before you, the moment they find out you are expecting (to go), they are going to tell you 300 different things you just have to do to make the experience less painful, um, I mean, even more magical. Don’t get me wrong, most of the advice is helpful and greatly appreciated, especially to us newbies. But just the fact so many people want to “help” by imparting their knowledge, in addition to the 9,000 blogs on the internet dedicated solely to this,...

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Lagniappe Weekly Presents Mobile Bay Restaurant Week

Celebrate Mobile’s exciting new culinary tradition, as Lagniappe presents Mobile Bay Restaurant Week. This delicious event will take place March 30-April 5 at participating restaurants throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties. Each restaurant will offer a price fixed menu in one of four categories: • $35 per person/ $70 per couple (for finer dining restaurants) • $12.50 per person/ $25 per couple (for casual spots) • Special pricing (Restaurants will specify their special menu or featured item and its price.) • The $5 burger or sandwich (for restaurants who want to showcase their famous burger or a special sandwich for the week) Menus will be published in the centerspread of the March 30 issue of Lagniappe and on this webpage. How does it work? It’s easy. There are no special tickets required. Just visit to find out all of the participating restaurants or pick up the March 30 issue for the complete guide. Some restaurants may require reservations or only offer the special at lunch or dinner only, so make sure to check their individual requirements. Mobile’s Funkiest Foodies Grand Prize Give-Away All Mobile Bay Restaurant Week participants will have cards to give out to visiting diners. Diners who visit at least FIVE participating restaurants during this week and have their cards stamped by each one, will be entered to win one of two GRAND PRIZES: One Pair of...

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Mo offers Fairhope some friendly advice

The following is a conversation between Mobile and Fairhope. Fairhope, who has a new mayor, was hoping her older, more experienced city across the bay could give her a little advice on some issues she has been experiencing with her new administration. Mobile: (answers, sounding very hoarse) Hello. Fairhope: Hey, Mo. It’s Fairhope. Mobile: Oh, hey girl. What’s up? Fairhope: You sound awful. Mobile: You do know you are calling me at 7:30 a.m. on Ash Wednesday, right? I feel like a moonpie that’s been run over and then pooped on by a police horse. Fairhope: Yuck! Such potty...

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Ashley Trice is the editor and publisher of Lagniappe Weekly, which she co-founded with fellow publisher Rob Holbert in July 2002. Lagniappe has steadily grown from a 5,000 circulation biweekly into the 30,000 weekly newspaper it is today. Originally from Jackson, Alabama, she graduated cum laude from the University of South Alabama in 2000 with a BA in communications and did some post graduate work at the University of Texas. She was in the 2011 class of Mobile Bay Monthly’s 40 Under 40. She is the recipient of the Award for Excellence in In-Depth Reporting by the Mobile Press Club and for Humorous Commentary by the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2015, she won a national writing award presented by the Association of Alternative Newsmedia for “Best Column.” She is married to Frank Trice and they live in Midtown with their children Anders and Ellen, and dog Matti.

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