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Forget about the ceiling until you can shatter the walls

I don’t like to talk much with people who always agree with me. It is amusing to coquette with an echo for a little while, but one soon tires of it. — Thomas Carlyle Last Saturday, millions of women, men and children participated in women’s marches across the country, voicing their opposition to the Trump presidency and support for women’s rights, health care and equal opportunity. Folks across the country hoisted a variety of handcrafted signs up in the air, some simply reminding how “FUNdamental” and important the rights of women are. Others referencing lady parts like “Viva la...

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Puttering through purple political purgatory

What a strange, strange, strange world we now live in. As our 45th president prepares to be sworn in this week, I find myself in a place I have never been before — in some sort of unfamiliar political purgatory. Even though we live in a red state, I have many friends who inhabit the blue dot. I used to be a blue dotter myself — bluer than blue. But as I have gotten older, and realized with great certainty that no one person or party will ever have all of the answers, I feel adrift in a sea...

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Breeders beware of the happiest place on Earth!

We have been dreading it for almost seven years now, but the time has finally come. We must let go of all of our preconceived notions and prepare ourselves for this journey, which we feel is our duty. We do know it is going to cost us greatly. And will test our patience, kindness and bond as a family unit. But beyond that, we just can’t be sure what will happen. We have been told it will be magical. We have been told it will make us feel like kids again ourselves. We have been told that while it...

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Dream a little (or big) dream with me

January is the month for crazy ideas. I am going to be more organized. I am going to the gym every single day. I am going to save money. Ahhh, yes. Those first few weeks are so dreamy! As such, I’ve had a few dreams bouncing around my head for our fair burg. I will be the first to admit some are crazier than others. And I am quite sure there are some naysayers out there who will tell me exactly why we can’t do these things for a variety of very legitimate reasons. But I don’t want to...

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We gotta have faith, faith, faith

The most wonderful time of the year is almost over (thank goodness). The tree looks sad and lonely with most of the presents gone from underneath. Scraps of wrapping paper are still lurking around in the strangest of places. (How oh how did that get in between the screen and the window pane?) Pants around Mobile are too tight from too much of … well, everything. And families have miraculously survived another holiday of splitting up time among all the relatives (“But y’all stayed with them last year!”) and talking politics (“I just can’t even do this with you...

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Ashley Trice is the editor and publisher of Lagniappe Weekly, which she co-founded with fellow publisher Rob Holbert in July 2002. Lagniappe has steadily grown from a 5,000 circulation biweekly into the 30,000 weekly newspaper it is today. Originally from Jackson, Alabama, she graduated cum laude from the University of South Alabama in 2000 with a BA in communications and did some post graduate work at the University of Texas. She was in the 2011 class of Mobile Bay Monthly’s 40 Under 40. She is the recipient of the Award for Excellence in In-Depth Reporting by the Mobile Press Club and for Humorous Commentary by the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2015, she won a national writing award presented by the Association of Alternative Newsmedia for “Best Column.” She is married to Frank Trice and they live in Midtown with their children Anders and Ellen, and dog Matti.

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