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Crescent Theater shuttering current location, considering move down Dauphin

Noting it’s very speculative at this point, Crescent Theater Film Society board member Carol Hunter confirmed Tuesday morning the group is working on a deal to move the single-screen theater to 450 Dauphin St. Hunter emphasized the situation remained fluid and many factors would have to be considered before the move could be considered a done deal. “It’s going to be very, very hard,” Hunter said. “I’m reluctant to say it’s a done deal.” If a lease agreement can be reached, hurdles for the move would remain, Hunter said. The society and the theater operator, Max Morey, would have to raise money in order to build out the theater at a new location. Hunter said Morey would set up a GoFundMe account to raise the money needed for a conversion. “He could sign a lease tomorrow, but would still need to raise somewhere north of $430,000 to build out a theater,” she said of Morey. “Max will launch a GoFundMe account.” In order to raise the needed money, Hunter said, donations would have to come in from individuals and corporations. She said she hoped the community’s passion for the theater would result in the needed donations. Hunter said the layout of the proposed new location would be nearly identical to the building at 208 Dauphin, with maybe a few more seats. “It’s very conceptual; it’s very speculative,” she said...

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Council committee hears MFRD staffing concerns, plans for hiring new chief

The lack of a permanent chief at the helm of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department is one of the reasons local firefighters believe the department has seen its worst staffing issues in the last six or seven years. Executive Director of Public Safety James Barber agrees, telling members of the Mobile City Council’s public safety committee on Tuesday that finding a permanent chief is one of his top priorities in the new role he’s occupied for little more than a week. “We want to get a leadership team in place,” he said. While 13 candidates at the rank of district...

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Planning Commission approves lights, bleachers for St. Luke’s field

The Mobile Planning Commission voted Thursday to allow St. Luke’s Episcopal School to add lights and bleachers to an on-campus football field, with some conditions. The planning approval and unanimous vote on the planned unit development restricts the school to hosting a maximum of 65 events on the combination football and soccer field. In addition, the school must turn off the lights 15 minutes after a game ends and the lights can’t be any brighter than what a photometric study suggested. The school must also plant infill vegetation along a buffer adjacent to residential property. During the public hearing portion of the meeting, Regency Oaks residents, like Bob Peter, said not only would the lights be visibly disruptive during daylight hours, but light pollution would impact residents’ quality of life. The photometric study done by Musco Sports Lighting of the proposed four poles with 10 lights each showed an intensity of zero foot candles on the south and west property lines,according to Terry Holt, facilities chairman of the school’s board. On the east side, Holt said, there would be one foot candle or less. “The truth is all of the trees on the east side will block the light,” he said. “There’s a group of trees on the north side that drop the light to zero foot candles. It’s the same effect on the east.” The zoning ordinance regulates...

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City changes recycling, litter policies

Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced a change in policy on Thursday that includes a reallocation of resources to fight litter and a more convenient way for residents to recycle. The administration’s goal with these moves is to increase the city’s diversion rate — the rate at which garbage is diverted from a landfill — from 6 percent, to something closer to the national average of 34 percent. Standing in front of a large compactor, Stimpson said, going forward, the city could allow for single-stream collection at the recycling center on Government Street. In addition, he said the city would place...

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Crescent Theater to close

The Crescent Theater Film Society announced today it will be unable to renew its lease at 208 Dauphin Street, meaning the theater will have to close. Crescent Theater operator Max Morey confirmed the announcement shared on social media Wednesday afternoon. He said the closure comes after negotiations with the building’s landlord broke down over an increase in rent. Crescent Theater Film Society board member Carol Hunter said John Switzer, the building’s landlord, was set to raise the rent to $2,200 per month and add an additional $500 per month in building expenses. The theater society paid for rent last...

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