The case for Councilman Manzie

Editor: Just the other day, Airbus announced the largest order for medium-range single-aisle jets in the history of the company. They also uncharacteristically announced that Mobile will play a part in the fulfillment strategy...

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What are they smoking?

Dear Rob, Next thing you know Roy Moore and his “groupies” will try to buy an island like the one in Guyana that Rev. Jim Jones bought for his cult. Only that island will be right smack dab somewhere in Alabama. These Roy fans...

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Elect at your own jeopardy

Rob: I really appreciated your editorial on Herman Thomas (“Herman and Roy, peas in a pod,” Nov. 16). I sat near him at the recent Pritchard rally for Doug Jones. Thomas was busily politicking the crowd, doing a better job of...

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Taken to heart

To Ashley: I read with great interest your editorial “Please make it stop,” (Hidden Agenda 11/09/17). I hope more readers of the paper do the same and take to heart your thoughtful comments. BJ Huff...

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Grandmothers always know best

Dear Ashley, Thank you for your commentary in the Nov. 2issue (Hidden Agenda 11/02/17 “Always wear the good pair”). Even though my grandmother was raised in small-town Indiana, I think she and your Grams must’ve been soul...

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