Any which way the breeze blows

Editor: A wonderfully, wonderfully blown breeze is a brilliant thing. A thing of bliss. What brought it here? Where did it begin? Where did it come from? Where is it going, even? As of right now in DeTonti Square, it is blowing...

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Go. Byrne?

Editor: Concerning your “The woman who took down the ‘throne’” article, I would like to make what I think is a pertinent historical point. Robert Bentley would have never been governor if the AEA had not told all its members not...

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Stop the blue-bags

Editor: I’m sure I’m only one of many Mobilians sick and dang tired of throwing blue bags of unsolicited and very unwanted trash (aka advertising) on my yard weekly. I know we can recycle this junk, but why does it...

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Epilogue for ‘Scandal of the Century’ players

The kids are getting a little older now and have started to show interest in college and where they’ll go and study, etc. As we were talking about that the other night I figured it might be a good time to show them a classic...

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