Libra leads city to a brighter tomorrow

Taurus (4/20-5/20) — After hearing about a high school student who died from an overdose of caffeine from only three drinks, you’ll try to quit the substance cold turkey. Ironically, because of your newfound lethargy, you’ll be...

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Cheese-whizzing around town

Busy, busy, busy. Those are three words to describe last week. I mean, I had something every night, then it was the weekend and time to party! Once we got over the rain Friday we had the most beautiful weekend, so of course on...

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A gumbo of good news

BY SHARMAN EGAN/Contributing Writer Whew! I’ve been busy as a corn dog truck on Fat Tuesday just trying to keep up with all the “Mobility” news this past month. I had a half-dozen different ideas for this column, but finally...

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Trumpcare will not treat you kindly

Taurus (4/20-5/20) — While enjoying a concert from the cheap seats at a local music venue, you’ll be forced to confront the truth that poor people used to be smaller. Your uncovered pre-existing condition is being marginally...

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So many good things

Surprise, it’s mid-May! Not really sure how we got here already, but here we are. Maybe it was the fact that we had to pull out jackets last week. I swear, it was colder last week than it was in February. Or maybe it was all the...

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