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Mobile Magnified

Mobile gets down and dirty

Seems as if Santa has already made his list and checked it twice for some. Who made the nice list? The Alabama Crimson Tide. Who made the, umm, other list? The Auburn Tigers. Talk about a whirlwind of a week for the Tide and the...

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War Eagle and rollin’ Tidewater

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and “lose five pounds by Christmas” has been added to my growing to do list. Oh the holidays! I am however, happy to report that Thanksgiving went smoothly this year, no drama at all, which...

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Ho ho ho, Merry Thanksgiving!

It’s coming, it’s coming! Not just the holidays but so many other great things! Well, of course we first have Thanksgiving; I’ve already stocked up on enough wine to survive that day and all the family questions. Then we have...

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A hopping Friday night downtown

With the exception of Sunday, Mobile’s weather has been on point! On point is still cool, right? Regardless, keep those cooler, beautiful days coming! This is the perfect time to be outside, walking your dog, drinking beer,...

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Lagniappe takes home Media Olympics gold!

Ugh, the time change. I mean, it’s perfect for when I start waking up early to exercise. The sun is up but I have yet to get up. My biggest thing is I hate leaving work in the dark, I feel like I have to get home and go straight...

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Needtobreathe in that cool fall air!

Y’all it’s finally kinda fall! I mean, these lows at night are amazing, I almost need to get my blankets out, and the days aren’t so bad either. Come on, sweater weather, I am ready and I know I’m not the only one, because a spy...

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Nate and other celebrities

I am just going to go ahead and throw it out there: Why couldn’t have Nate come on a workday? No one likes a weekend visitor that messes up all your plans. Not cool, Nate! Not cool. But not to worry, kiddos, despite being...

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Boozie’s TenSixtyFive lowdown

So it is ever going to be fall? When is all this rain going to bring in a cold front? Is it too early to put my Halloween decorations out? I mean, these are pretty important questions and I need answers. I’m tired of dressing...

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