What should Alabama do about gambling?

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Clotilda speech at campus museum

Clotilda speech at campus museum

At long last, the story of the Clotilda has bubbled into the national consciousness over the past decade. What began with its tale in the award-winning Margaret Brown film “The Order of Myths,” reached a new crescendo when the ship’s scuttled remains were discovered...

Artys reveal hidden community around Mobile Bay

Artys reveal hidden community around Mobile Bay

I used to long for Cicely. For decades, she was my ideal. Cicely was the fictional Alaskan hamlet where the critically lauded TV show “Northern Exposure” was set. Boasting less than 800 souls, it was quirky and culturally rich. Cicely bristled with a love of the arts...

Brewery crawling, but make it kid-friendly

Brewery crawling, but make it kid-friendly

The other day I asked my boyfriend’s eldest son, 9-year-old Emmitt, what he had had for dinner. “Majestic fries,” he said. Oh my goodness, what fancy fries! I thought. What could possibly be glamorous about these spears of potato? My mind raced. Were they topped with...

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Lagniappe's series of articles examining Alabama Power's plans to comply with federal coal ash regulations and how it compares with other states. We have attempted to look at this issue from every angle and to understand why the state in general and Alabama Power's Plant Barry in Mobile County in particular are outliers when it comes to the handling of coal ash.

Domestic Violence

A series of stories by contributing writer Lynn Oldshue examining the plague of domestic violence from the perspective of abusers, survivors and local organizations here to help.

Mobile Housing Board

For decades, the Mobile Housing Board of Commissioners has been beset by financial shortcomings and dilapidating infrastructure. But with a new executive director and changing membership, the board is continuing to move forward with plans to update its affordable housing stock.