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Teenage years: a ‘coming of age’ tale

Photo | Courtesy of Andy MacDonald “I watched him grow up that day, ordering like an adult, behaving like an adult, all different from the way I had so many years before.” This is a story about food. It may not seem as such at first, but it is. Last week, Sunday, June...

Tea time

Photo | Courtesy Wild Tonic Wild Tonic is not a flavored beer like hard iced teas, but a real fermented tea, known as jun kombucha, made from green tea and honey. Many of you have probably seen, or even tried, one of the different versions of the “hard” iced teas now...

Ruby Slipper Café has grand opening

They’ve already been serving biscuits (and more) to the fortunate downtown crowd, but this week the Ruby Slipper Café at 100 N. Royal St. held its grand opening. This family-owned, award-winning New Orleans chain celebrated its ninth and newest location in true Mobile...

Special news series and investigations


For damages caused by the BP oil spill in 2010, Alabama will receive $2.3 billion of a total settlement agreement valued at $18.5 billion. Of that, $1.3 billion of the state's share will be allocated to environmental and economic damages, while the remaining $1 billion will be distributed into the state’s general fund over the next 18 years — an amount equalling $55.5 million per year.

Wastewater treatment crisis

More than 23 million gallons of sewage has spilled in the Mobile-Baldwin county area this year, according to Mobile Baykeeper. In a special series of reports, Lagniappe is exploring why Mobile is struggling with an aging sewer and stormwater infrastructure and how Baldwin County is racing to keep up with explosive population growth.

Mobile Housing Board

For decades, the Mobile Housing Board of Commissioners has been beset by financial shortcomings and dilapidating infrastructure. But with a new executive director and changing membership, the board is continuing to move forward with plans to update its affordable housing stock.