On Tuesday the the narcotics and vice team of the Mobile Police Department made 10 arrests related to a prostitution operation. Though authorities say the operation included all of Mobile, emphasis was placed on the Tillman’s Corner area.

According to the MPD, residents have made numerous complaints about prostitution activity in the area and on the website Backpage. Backpage has several listings under “escorts” listed in the Mobile area, with at least six listed in the Tillman’s Corner area even after the crackdown was publicized.

Below is a list of of all the subjects arrested in the operation and their respective charges:

Suspects and charges

Brion Simone, 39: charged with soliciting prostitution.

Arabian Carter, 24: charged with soliciting prostitution, carrying a pistol without a permit and second degree possession of marijuana.

Tenekia James, 29: charged with second degree possession of marijuana only.

Amanda Martinez, 26: charged with soliciting prostitution.

Collene McCullough, 22: charged with soliciting prostitution.

Steely Erdman, 40: charged with soliciting prostitution.

Marci Zacharias, 36: charged with soliciting prostitution.

Ambra Britton, 24: charged with soliciting prostitution and an additional outstanding warrant.

Nichole McLaney, 33: charged with soliciting prostitution and first degree robbery in an unrelated incident.

Christina Igo, 34: charged with soliciting prostitution and first degree manufacturing of methamphetamine in an unrelated incident.