Recently, the Mobile Police Department partnered with Homeland Security Investigations to conduct a joint human trafficking investigation, that did not yield any arrests related to forced prostitution.

However, the Jan. 20 investigation did net 16 arrests related to prostitution and possession of narcotics. The 16 arrests included five felonies and 16 misdemeanor charges.

Those arrested included Christopher Parker, soliciting prostitution; Chezleigh Grisham, soliciting prostitution; Mary Mauldin, soliciting prostitution; Tracy Dickinson, soliciting prostitution; Charmayne Bridges, soliciting prostitution, second degree possession of marijuana, and possession of cocaine.

Other arrests included Danny Pierce, second degree possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine; Andre Curtis, possession of cocaine, second degree possession of marijuana and probation revocation; Alexis Nobles, possession of cocaine, second degree possession of marijuana; Jessica Dragg, soliciting prostitution; Demarcus Bettis, third degree promotion of prostitution; Kellie Brinson, soliciting prostitution; Simone Briones, soliciting prostitution; Anna Marie Fernandez, soliciting prostitution; Jamie Frazier, Possession of crack cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and Tori Shelton, possession of drug paraphernalia.