For the 2015 Nappie Awards video, we asked native son, Allan McLeod, who now works in Los Angeles as a writer and actor, to return to his hometown to get re-acquainted with it. He enlisted the help of Mobilians, who he quizzed about Mobile history and “local hero” Uncle Henry, who got him up to speed on modern day Mobile. Then it was time for a little “rejuvenation” at Tami’s Mask and Mirror and some “piercing” commentary at Royal Street Tattoo.

Thanks to Allan McLeod and Uncle Henry, as well as Kris Skoda and Gabriel Tynes for their behind-the-scenes work. Enjoy!

Warning: there is a bit of saucy language in it, so may not be work appropriate.

Directed and hosted by Allan Mcleod
Executive Producer: Ashley Toland Trice
Camera Operator: Kris Skoda + Gabe Tynes
Writers: Allan Mcleod + Ashley Toland Trice
Editor + All Other Post Production: Kris Skoda