SUBMITTED — According to a news release, over the past several weeks the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office has been conducting an administrative review and internal investigation into the actions of a deputy sheriff. The allegations brought forward were the abuse of overtime, and falsification of time records.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office gave notice to the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office of the investigation. Since some of the hours worked involved overtime which was reimbursed by federal and state funds set aside for special traffic enforcement notice was also given to the Southwest Regional Highway Safety Office in Mobile.

The object of the investigation is Sgt. Carl Griffith (pictured above), who was assigned to the Civil Division of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. During the internal affairs investigation, and before the investigation could be completed, Sgt. Griffith resigned his position, effective Nov. 20.

All alleged violations occurred in 2017. The Sheriff’s Office also conducted an inquiry to determine if any other individuals were involved or associated with the allegations. At this time there is no evidence to suggest that any other deputy sheriff was involved in such activity.

A complete audit of time(s) in question is being conducted, and all results will be forwarded to the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office. Upon a final determination, the employee may have to reimburse the county for any abused time and/or face prosecution by the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office.

Sgt. Griffith was a 22-year veteran of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Due to nature of an ongoing criminal investigation, audit and referral to the Baldwin County District Attorney Office for review, the Sheriff’s Office cannot have any further comments or interviews at this time. Upon a total review and conclusion of the investigation Sheriff Mack will address additional questions.