Mayor Sandy Stimpson today appointed Reid Cummings to the Board of Commissioners of the Mobile Housing Authority.

Cummings is the third appointment made by Mayor Stimpson to the five-member board, meaning a majority of the board has now been appointed during his Administration.

Because state law stipulates the mayor alone can appoint members to the Housing Board, the previous Administration’s appointees maintained control of the board until now. In August 2013, Jones reappointed longstanding board members Melvin Clark to a term set to expire in August 2017, and Don Langham to a term set to expire in August 2018.

“With a majority now in place, we can begin implementing long-needed reforms on behalf of our citizens,” Stimpson said. “It is a new day and it is time to take the Mobile Housing Board in a new direction.”

Cummings, who fills the board seat recently vacated by Langham’s resignation, is an assistant professor of finance and real estate and serves as the director of the center for real estate and economic development at the University of South Alabama.

“Reid Cummings brings an outstanding level of experience, integrity and professionalism, and he is eminently qualified to help us improve public housing in Mobile,” Stimpson said. “I am grateful for his willingness to serve at such a critical time of need for the Housing Authority.”

Cummings earned his DBA, MBA and BA degrees from Kennesaw State University, the University of Mobile and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, respectively. Prior to joining USA, Cummings worked for over 33 years in real estate development, leasing, management brokerage, financial consulting, mortgage lending and construction services, completing multiple large-scale commercial and residential projects throughout the country.