Part two of our Bob Baumhower/Aloha Hospitality Management interview is also the second installment of The Real Deal’s “Dollars and Sense” Obamacare series, where we talk to local executives of area companies that are major job producers in industry sectors known – in general – to have thin margins and low wages for insight on how they’re dealing with ACA Compliance requirements in 2016 and beyond.

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In this episode, Baumhower mentioned several times about having fear of the unknown when pondering the present and future ramifications of Obamacare financially, employing over a thousand workers with 13 restaurant locations across the state of Alabama and aggressive future plans for growth.

Strange words indeed to hear coming from a six-foot-five, former All-American, All-Pro SEC/NFL nose-tackle as well as a savvy businessman with 35 years of success under his belt.

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The Rumor Mill Segment
NAI-Mobile and FM Talk 106.5 Common Sense Radio’s Pete Riehm returning in-studio to tell us about local happenings; ranging from rumblings of businesses sprouting around the massive, new Wal-Mart Distribution Center going up – to historic properties maybe torn down to make way for new downtown apartments – to the most up-to-date Airbus “Halo Effect” prognostications.

In this “beneficial” episode we examine:

• 2:45 — HR Director Rudi Schmeideskamp’s background
• 3:29 — Team Aloha’s first dealings with Obamacare
• 3:48 — Capricious ACA reporting rules since its inception creating a moving target and concerns
• 9:19 — Murky advice from consultants and how many were involved altogether
• 10:59 — Baumhower’s local restaurateur peers decisions on whether or not to “Pay or Play” for their employees
• 13:23 — Costs involved to initially put benefits in place and enrollment participation
• 16:18 — Massive major medical benefits renewal increases possibly anticipated by Team Aloha moving into 2017

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