Thank you for publishing Quin Hillyer’s Letter to the Editor, “Why drag queens shouldn’t read” (Sept. 5, 2018). It reminded me that I wanted to make a donation to the Friends of the Mobile Public Library, and now I have done that. I appreciate the library’s commitment to inclusion of all of the children it serves.

A preacher spreading his message via loudspeakers in a public parking lot can be said to be promoting a particular agenda, and to be hijacking what people had reason to expect when they set out to get their groceries. A drag queen reading a story in a well-publicized, clearly described event is hijacking nothing.

Where Hillyer sees pawns, I see children who will come of age in an environment that does not cause them to hate themselves, should they discover that they are different from their friends.

I hope that our community standard will be one that is no more fearful of a gay couple holding hands than of a heterosexual couple doing so. Some humans may be uncomfortable with demonstrations of homosexual affection, but I really, truly have never heard of horses objecting. Now that we’ve brought the horses into this discussion, maybe we should take our cue from them.

Vickie Wyatt