To the editor:
Can I just give a slow clap to your column in the July 14 issue (“The Time is Now” by Ashley Trice)? It should be mandatory reading for everyone living in your readership area, or maybe the whole state or country.

1.  Stop painting with such a broad brush: It is tragic that so many people live with this thought pattern. I am a white male leaving my job to take a new one next week and the person most upset about seeing me go is a black female. We get along great because we have a personal relationship and don’t view one another as a statistic.

2.  Stop being “pansies:” Thanks for being a voice willing to actually say something. A lot of times, our workplaces have unofficial policies that prevent people from saying things that need to be said, and that is unfortunate. I understand the logic behind that since most people cannot be expected to be reasonable and mature when handling touchy issues, but, sadly, these are the people that this country has raised.

3: Other people’s shoes: I need to really take this to heart more myself. Eat lunch, engage in a respectful dialogue, or even ask some uncomfortable questions to someone that is of a different background every now and then. Even if you don’t agree with their viewpoints, we all have things we can learn.

I thoroughly enjoy the publication you guys put together each week. Unfortunately, I only recently stumbled upon the joy that is the horoscope section. I’ve been missing out for quite some time since I assumed it was the same ridiculousness that is in every other newspaper.

Keep up the good work.

Ross Hatcher