I figured I’d give you all some updates this week concerning your favorite newspaper, as most of this column is generally focused on our area’s other media.

Here are a few things going on in the Lagniappe world.

New crossword
In case you hadn’t noticed, we lost our crossword provider a couple of months ago and finally replaced it last week with the best of the best — The New York Times Sunday Crossword.

For all of us crossword geeks, the NYT Sunday is the gold standard. So those of you who called and wrote in begging for a crossword puzzle to once again grace the pages of Lagniappe, your prayers have been heard.

I know, I know — no Sudoku yet. But who knows, maybe someday.

Brighter is better
Something else we are very excited about is our return in three weeks to being printed by Walton Press Inc. out of Monroe, Georgia.

Walton printed Lagniappe for a few years but we switched to a closer printer in order to save some trucking fees. Fortunately Walton has figured out how to make things work better in that department, and the result should be noticeable. We’ve always thought Walton, with its stochastic press, had the finest reproduction of any printer we’ve seen.

Stochastic may not mean much to the layman — and frankly, my grasp of it isn’t too technical — but it means much clearer pictures and far fewer fuzzy images.

People often ask where Lagniappe is printed or why it’s printed out of town. The truth is there aren’t a lot of local options for newspaper printing — the Press-Register is one, but there aren’t many more.

Hopefully in a few weeks you’ll see an improvement in how Lagniappe looks.

Legal advertising
Many people have asked lately about our efforts to get the opportunity to print public notices/legal advertising in Lagniappe. We’re glad to say we’re almost across that desert.

The biggest hurdle in fulfilling the state law that allows a newspaper to print public notices — foreclosures, pending legislative bills, etc. — is getting a publications-class postal permit. After a lot of wrangling and three failed murder attempts, Lagniappe has finally gotten its postal permit.

Right now we await an Attorney General’s ruling that will give the okey-doke to Mobile County Probate Court to consider Lagniappe an official newspaper of general circulation. That should come any day, so anyone interested in running legals with us can contact our advertising manager, Steve Hall, at 251-450-4466.

Baldwin beat
And finally we are in the midst of a search to replace reporter Eric Mann, who left us a few weeks ago.

I’ve received a number of emails from people concerned that we’ve given up on having a full-time Baldwin reporter, so we wanted to assure readers that is not the case at all. We’re looking for someone who can get out there and dig up the good stories. We know Baldwin needs more news coverage. Hopefully that spot will be filled soon.