While the holidays may be viewed as a joyous time, it is also overladen with an abundance of stress and madness, and a good underground show is an excellent cure.

The evening will begin with a set from The Jack Blind Band. This duo fronted by charismatic front man/keyboardist Jack Blind (aka Rudy Andrews of Rainbow Glitter Kitty and Graveyard Safari) should charm the crowd with a set of songs dedicated to Satan.

Naked Intruder will be the meat of this underground sandwich. This group boasts Deke (Hotcakes) and Chad Booth (Gary Wrong Group, Kajun SS) in its line-up. Naked Intruder has produced a vehement punk sound that harkens back to the glory days of the genre. Expect no mercy. Baron Krelve will round out this local trio. This punk/metal hybrid delivers a powerful sonic punch. Crunchy vocals are set to raging riffs that explode into impressive fret-runs at a moment’s notice.

Band: Baron Krelve, Naked Intruder, The Jack Blind Band
Date: Fri., Dec. 6 at 9 p.m.
Venue: Alabama Music Box, 455 Dauphin St., www.alabamamusicbox.net
Tickets: Call 441-8934 for more info