Thank you, Rob, for suggesting to the mayor that we should find a way to purchase or lease the University of South Alabama Foundation’s Brookley property for a public waterfront park (“Some legacy-building ideas for Stimpson,” Lagniappe, Sept. 14-20). This would be THE most beneficial asset to our area for improving the quality of life for all its citizens.

Imagine being able to drive 10-15 minutes from almost anywhere in Mobile and be sitting on beautiful white sand under a palm tree or scrub oak watching kids swim and play in Mobile Bay — maybe even jump in yourself. The bottom is sandy and the water clear (when not raining). Forget your troubles for a little while close by.

The park could be paid for over time. It would be a job stimulator for kids and provide a huge economic stimulus for all surrounding neighborhoods — real estate values would increase substantially as people renovated their property and moved to be close to the park, which in turn would increase property taxes for the city and county.

Mayor Stimpson said recently that tourism income was a crucial part of revenue. We don’t want to compete with Foley’s OWA. We want and need a large, beautiful waterfront park that is simple and provides for swimming, sailing, kayaking, sand castles, soccer fields, disk golf, shuffleboard, etc.

There should be no go-carts, ferris wheels, jet skis and the like. The park would also instill a love for the environment and reduce litter. You have to be able to enjoy nature to love it.

Let’s make Mobile reach her potential. We deserve it. All the local politicians and USA Foundation officials should put their heads together and make this happen — you absolutely can make this a win/win situation. Do it for all of us and for those who come in the future.

Clarence Carrio