The charges facing 19-year-old Marco Perez continue to add up, as he’s now been accused of committing several other crimes in the days before he allegedly shot and killed Mobile Police Officer Sean Tuder.

Police say Perez killed Tuder in the parking lot of the Peach Place Inn apartment complex on Jan. 20. Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste said, at the time, the 31-year-old officer had been looking for Perez, who was wanted on multiple state and federal charges.

Currently, he’s facing seven charges in state court that include two counts of first-degree theft, receiving stolen property, false reporting to a law enforcement officer, probation violation, second-degree burglary and capital murder in connection to Tuder’s death. He’s also still facing a federal firearms charge, which police say he was on the run from when he initially appeared on the MPD’s radar a few months ago.

The false reporting charge stems from an alleged plot between he and his mother, Tiffany Perez, who told police he’d been kidnapped and was missing. Tiffany Perez was charged in connection to that false report just a few days before Tuder was killed, but Marco Perez remained on the run.

Now police are saying he spent those days on a crime spree throughout Mobile County.

Police have since charged Perez with a burglary that was reported at Charlene Court in West Mobile on the morning of Jan. 18. Court records indicate a few dollars worth of coins and some fruit were all that was reportedly taken.

A separate charge accuses Perez of stealing a 2011 GMC 1500 truck on the same day from a home on Brandy Oak Court. Both crimes were reported just two days before Tuder was killed and less than a mile from the Peach Place Inn where his fatal encounter with Perez is alleged to have occurred.

Since then, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office has also identified Perez as a suspect in an auto theft reported on Jan. 13. They claim Perez stole a 2009 Lincoln MKX from a home on Sugar Creek Drive South, which is in the same general vicinity as his other alleged crimes.

Police have also said the gun Perez allegedly used to shoot Tuder had been stolen from an unlocked vehicle just days before. However, none of the available court documents from any of the new charges against him mentioned a handgun being taken.

Prosecutors said they anticipate him pleading not guilty at a hearing scheduled Feb. 4. A capital murder charge also gives the state the option to seek the death penalty, but Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich has not yet disclosed whether her office will pursue capital punishment for Perez.

He is currently being held at Mobile County Metro Jail without bond.