Band: Slide Bayou Unplugged, “Southern Windows” Art Exhibit
Date: Sunday, Dec. 10, 7 p.m.
Venue: The Listening Room of Mobile, 78 St. Francis St.,
Tickets: $20 (call 251-367-4599 for reservations)

The Listening Room of Mobile will feature two different forms of homegrown art. A performance from Slide Bayou will serve as one facet of this unique show. This local super group combines the talents of singer-songwriters Ryan Balthrop, Lee Yankie and Harrison McInnis.

While fans await a studio release of original material, Slide Bayou is keeping their audiences entertained with fresh, jammed-out renditions from the respective catalogs of its members. The trio’s interpretations of each other’s music should make for a stellar evening of extended arrangements.

Balthrop’s “Southern Windows” art collection will also be featured during the evening. This musical and visual artist’s project began two years ago when he began to collect discarded window frames and repurpose them in the name of art. Each piece is literally a window into Balthrop’s interpretation of local scenery. With their mix of beauty and rawness, these visions are a fresh incarnation of Gulf Coast folk art.