New details emerged Friday in the enticement case against former Mobile County Commissioner Freeman Jockisch, who was arrested by Saraland police officers in November on one count of electronic solicitation of a child for sex and one count of traveling to meet a child for sex.

According to an application for a search warrant to gain access to his personal email account, Jockisch engaged in two separate exchanges with undercover officers — months apart — telling a person he believed to be a 15-year-old female that he wanted to “make love.”

In the first exchange, Jockisch responded to a vague Craigslist ad posted by Detective James Morton on July 2. Entitled “Bored to Tears,” the body of the ad read, “I’m bored and everybody is out of the house till Saturday. So you can like hit me or whatever. I may have a friend come over and hang but it aint the same.”

At 3:38 p.m., an email response arrived from “FJOCKISCH” reading “SEND ME A PICTURE AND LETS DO IT, OK.”




Jockisch apparently sent the detective a picture of himself as they communicated for the next five hours. The detective reciprocated with an age regressed photo depicting a juvenile female, twice telling Jockisch that she was 15 years old. The detective told Jockisch they could meet, but Jockisch would have to drive to his location.

At 5:09 p.m., Jockisch wrote, “do you want me to come over or not, I need to make plans, you are a pretty lady and I can make you feel goog (sic), ok just let me know, so I can find someone else if you don’t ok?”

At 7:38 p.m. Det. Morton asked “How could u make me feel good?” Less than 10 minutes later Jockisch responded, “By making love to you is that alright?”

The former county commissioner then requested a full-body picture of the teenager and later admitted, “I am kind of scared if you are just 15, they will put me under the jail.”

But determined, Jockisch apparently asked for the phone number and address of the juvenile. Morton ended the conversation at 9:01 p.m. by telling Jockisch the “child” was going to bed.

Months later, on Nov. 13, Morton began a separate investigation, posting an ad entitled “Halloween was lame,” which read, “My Halloween was so lame. Now my weekend and this week just got boring before it even like starts. There aint nothing to do or anyone who want to do anything. Bored.”

At 12:29 p.m., the detective received an email from FJOCKISCH stating, “I want to make love to you, call me,” and leaving a phone number. Morton communicated with Jocksich for the next two hours online, again bluffing that he was a 15-year-old female. The decoy told Jockisch that her mother was home and they could not meet. Jockisch pressed on and eventually the detective stopped responding.

Eleven days later, Morton received an unprovoked email from Jockisch stating simply, “waiting on you.” The detective did not respond. The next day, Jocksich tried again. “WAITING FOR YOU.” Again, the detective did not respond. Finally, on Nov. 26, Jockisch again engaged the decoy by writing, “I am ready, are you?”

According to the affidavit, since it had been 13 days since Det. Morton responded to any of Jockisch’s emails and “he was being persistent to wanting to engage in sexual activity with a child,” Morton responded by asking if Jockisch wanted the decoy’s phone number.

Jockisch stated he did, so Morton collaborated with FBI Special Agent Laura Field, who pretended to be the juvenile female and gave Jockisch directions to an apartment complex.

“Approximately one hour after terminating the initial phone call, I received a second call…” Field stated. “FJOCKISCH advised he was at the address provided to him and he need to know which apartment building and apartment number where I was located. I provided FJOCKISCH directions to the apartment building and apartment number in which I was located. From the apartment window, I observed an individual exit his vehicle and walk towards the undercover apartment. The individual knocked on the door and was greeted by two Saraland Police Department detectives. The individual was identified as Freeman Eugene Jockisch.”

Jockisch was Mirandized and interviewed, during which he admitted he “was ruined,” he “messed up” and he “should have never come to the apartment.”

Shortly after his arrest, Jockisch told Local 15 TV that he was attempting to warn the juvenile about the dangers of meeting strangers on the Internet. He also said he is impotent. Jockisch is currently free on bond.

Electronic solicitation of a child for sex is a Class B felony and is punishable with a sentence of two to 20 years. Traveling to meet a child for sex is a class a felony and is punishable by imprisonment from 10 to 99 years if found guilty.

Jockisch previously served 33 months in a federal work camp for lying on tax returns and ethics forms.