Each year Jeffrey Cain (Remy Zero) uses the SouthSounds Music Festival to showcase bands from his Communicating Vessels label, including Birmingham’s Dirty Lungs. The Blind Mule is bringing The Dirty Lungs back to the Azalea City as an addition to a lineup featuring some of Alabama’s finest alt. rock groups. The Dirty Lungs will be performing in support of their self-titled album on Cain’s label. This album bursts at the seams with its onslaught of reverberated vocals and raunchy guitars peppered with the right amount of sleaze.

Bad Cologne will be joining The Dirty Lungs on this run. Over the past year Bad Cologne has administered a steady dose of garage rock to Birmingham. This guitar-heavy (both in sound and number) band will not be ignored.

The Hallers will join the duo of Birmingham rock outfits. With their indie rock anthem “For You” spreading across the internet, this local band’s spotless indie rock sound should mingle well with the Magic City visitors.

Band: The Dirty Lungs, Bad Cologne, The Hallers
Date: Saturday, Oct. 8, at 9 p.m.
Venue: The Blind Mule, 57 N. Claiborne St., www.theblindmule.net
Tickets:$5/$10 (under 21) at the door