Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration and Alabama Power have agreed to help recycle limbs and other woody material each entity collects.

Previously, limbs collected by Alabama Power and the city’s Urban Forestry Department were sent to the Dirt, Inc. landfill in West Mobile. Now, those same limbs and material collected during trimming and other activities will be turned into mulch at an outdoor facility at the corner of Marion Street and Fisher’s Alley near the Renaissance public housing community downtown, Stimpson said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

“One of the great things about this is not only is it a collaboration, but it will save both entities money in the long run,” Stimpson said.

The mulch will be used on public landscaping projects, something the city previously had no budget for, Parks and Recreation Director Matt Capps said. Stimpson added that the city is expecting to save at least $50,000 in both tipping fees and materials.

Mike Saxon, Alabama Power’s Mobile division vice president, said the company was “delighted to be involved.”

Yard debris that the city picks up for residents will continue to be sent to Dirt, Inc., city spokeswoman Laura Byrne said.

The mulching will be on-site and although the facility, which is already in operation, is close to Mobile Housing Board’s Renaissance properties, Stimpson said the mulching would be periodic and “won’t take that long.”

“My guess is the neighbors won’t be able to hear what’s going on,” Stimpson said.

Capps added that mulching hasn’t even taken place since April to stress how infrequent it occurs. He said the mulching would not occur at night and only during regular business hours.