After a week rocked by developments in the unfolding scandal engulfing Gov. Robert Bentley, an Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee has asked for Bentley’s resignation.

The request was made via resolution on Sunday evening — on the evening of a House Impeachment committee meeting where members are expected to discuss the results of a damning report released by a special investigator last week.

The ALGOP Steering Committee praised the Alabama House of Representatives, the Alabama Senate and the Alabama Supreme Court for “ their diligence in the impeachment process” and for “putting partisan politics aside for the people of the state of Alabama.”

However, the message to Bentley was as direct as it was brief, asking him to “immediately resign.”

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

While there are rumors swirling around Montgomery that the Governor has been “negotiating his resignation” behind the scenes, Bentley has gone out of his way to tell the public he has “no plans to resign” over the past week.

With regard to Bentley, the ALGOP seemed to suggest that the totality of allegations and investigations aimed at the governor’s office rise above party politics.

Alabama’s Republican party also “holds [its] elected officials accountable and demands of them “the utmost integrity,” according to the release.

“The overwhelming majority of elected officials are good, hard-working people who love their communities, state and nation,” the resolution reads. “However, when situations arise that are in direct conflict with the betterment of our people, we will speak up regardless of political party.”

In conclusion, the steering committee said there was no doubt that Alabama — a “great state of resilient and resourceful citizens” — would “rise above these difficult times.”