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Spring Break 2018 has come and gone. Woot! Woot! So now we have those last few weeks of reasonably good Mobile weather before it just gets ass hot. So that means tons of events will be jammed into the next six weeks. Good for me, even better for the gossip and for you my little addicts. With SouthSounds, Little Black Dress, a Night with Nick Saban, Bald Eagle Bash and St. Mary’s Crawfish Extravaganza coming up, just to name a few, the spies are going to be busy, busy, busy. And probably a little drunk. But don’t worry, they still can do their jobs.

But  before we get to all that, we have to get our business from last week taken care of first. So let’s get to it.

Sullivan reigns supreme as Crawfish King

Crawfish at the Courtyard took place last Tuesday night, April 3 at the Gulf Coast Exploreum. Put on by the Exploreum’s Junior Advisory Board, the event raises money for Discover Science, the Exploreum’s program with the Mobile Housing Board, which provides underserved children engaging educational science experiences including IMAX films, lab demonstrations and science camps.

Not only do locals get to enjoy tasty crawdads as they raise money this great cause, local media folks get to battle it out in a crawfish eating contest.

Lauren Murphy provided music for the all-you-can-eat gathering, but the crawfish eating contest provided at least three minutes of less refined entertainment.

Several members of local media institutions gathered around a table piled high with freshly boiled crawfish to see if anyone could knock two-time reigning champion Sean Sullivan off his pedestal. But it was a fruitless effort. Sullivan, of FMTALK 106.5 fame, dominated for a third straight year, downing 51 ditch bugs in just three minutes.

His next closest competitor was Dirty Dan from WBLX, who chowed down 38 crawdads, followed by our own Rob Holbert, who struggled onto the podium with 31.

Holbert, a first timer in the contest, admitted being awed by Sullivan’s crawfish peeling speed.

“I think he was using both hands and maybe his feet,” Rob reported. “He may he have a prehensile tail.”

Proving their hearts were in the game — or just that media people will never turn down a free meal — the assemblage proceeded to wipe out the entire table full of crawfish after the contest was over. All in the name of science!

Just paw-fect

My spies said Erin Go Pawfest, a benefit for the Friends of the Mobile Animal Shelter, went quite well despite a less-than-stellar weather forecast. People and their pets enjoyed Yappie Hour, a dog-friendly street party at Callaghan’s on Saturday afternoon, April 7. No word on how many Greyhounds or Salty Dogs were served, though I’m some “hair of the dog” was required on Sunday.

The Green Dress Run also provided lots of fun, as pups ran with their owners through the OGD. My spies said their favorites were a cute French Bulldog wearing a pink and green kerchief, a spotted dog (maybe a spaniel of some type) wearing a green tutu and an elegant Doberman who just looked “fierce” (in a good way, not a scary way). The official T-shirt was also a huge hit, especially among the ladies. It read, “Sometimes a dog is as good as any man.” That is mostly true. Well, until you need the trash taken out or your oil changed. But other than that, sure!

Calling all cryptozoologists

A new local independent movie by filmmaker Jon Miller will air at The Crescent Theater on Saturday, May 5, and the title alone has Boozie inking this in her calendar. “Bo McGraw and the legend of the Alabama Big Foot” just has to be magnificent. Making it even more magnificent and destined to become a cult classic, I hear it features cameos by local celebs Uncle Henry and Killer Beaz.  I will have to “save up” to make sure I get my ticket, right Killer? Anyway, being a mythical gossip columnist creature myself, Boozie has always felt a certain kinship with the sasquatch so I can’t wait to see it!

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ crawfish lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!