If Mardi Gras wasn’t enough to keep this gossip gal busy, there have also been celebrity sightings and people riding around on motorcyles naked. Oh yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year. And I have so much, we need to just get right on into it. So go ahead and dig in!

Alright, Alright, Alright
The biggest news to come across Boozie’s gossip wire in quite some time was that the oh-so-dreamy and Oscar-award winning actor Matthew McConaughey was apparently in town on the evening of Monday, Feb. 9. According to our Royal Street spies, he went into the Royal Scam and had a Ketel One vodka and tonic. The spies confirmed he was “even more beautiful in person,” and he was kind of “scruffy” looking — but in a good way — and was also carrying a giant buck knife on his jeans, which seems kind of weird but “he is a Southern boy,” as my spy reminded.

He can really do no wrong, except for those overdramatic Lincoln commercials, which actually bring me so much joy and laughter (unintentionally I am sure), I can’t even fault him for those.

Bruce Willis did start filming a new movie in town the same day, but there had been no mention of McConaughey being a part of it. And he told our spies at the Scam, he was “just passing through,” so we don’t really know the why but he is welcome here anytime. We hear the glass he drank out of will be placed in the History Museum of Mobile for viewing. OK, not really. But perhaps you may be lucky enough to drink out of the same exact one if you knock enough Ketel One and tonics back at the Scam yourself. I am sure many of you are willing to give it a try!

Pop up Prancing
On Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 92Zew’s “Beer, Bands and Bingo” at Moe’s Original Barbecue downtown, my spies said they were treated to a surprise performance by the Prancing Elites, as they were filming for an episode of their upcoming reality TV series “The Prancing Elite Project” for the Oxygen Network. You can see the trailer for it on oxygen.com. My spy said the place was packed and went crazy when they came in and started their routine. “It was off the hook and a little surreal,” one spy said. They also hung around after the performance for pics and autographs. Gotta love the Elites!

Eat my short-ribs!
Speaking of Moe’s, they got a mention on the long-running, hit animated FOX series, “The Simpsons.” Moe, the bartender comes into what appears to be a city meeting of some sort and tells the audience about Moe’s BBQ and that it’s even in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (one of their locations). He is wearing a sign that says, “This is a real place” and then there is a trio who sings about it. We have no word on what the connection is or how that happened, but it’s pretty cool! I’m sure Homer is a fan of their ribs.

All kinds of characters prancing around LoDa, OGD
Last Tuesday night, Feb. 3, the same night the Prancing Elites were popping up downtown, we hear they were joined by Pirates, Indians, Mistresses and Skeletons, as various members of the Joe Cain Marching Society held their annual pub crawl. A brass band accompanied the group and definitely had some folks from out of town wondering what in the world was going on. One visitor from France was greeted by one of the Indians of the Wild Mauvillians and given one of their highly coveted, signature oyster shell necklaces. Just another glorious night in the Port City, folks!

We also hear the following Sunday, Feb. 8, the Mauvillians were spotted parading from Callaghans to Joe Cain’s house in the OGD. A toast was given to Joe Cain and traditional songs were sung. We even hear one little cowboy was chasing after them, though we did confirm no one was injured.

Osiris ball is out of this world
My spy from the first all-inclusive Mardi Gras society, The Order of Osiris, filed the following report from their ball last weekend:

On Friday, Feb. 6, 2015 the Order of Osiris had guests looking towards the stars as they took “A Journey Through Space.” The crowd was welcomed by emcee Darwin Singleton who happily welcomed “husbands and wives, husbands and husbands, and wives and wives” to the ball, as many in the crowd were obviously thrilled with the recent ruling that same sex couples would soon be able to marry in Alabama.

King Howard and King Mel opened the ball for guests and both regally walked around the main dance floor to greet them. No one in the crowd can say these two kings were anything but festive as they were seen during the tableaux dancing and partying with the other members, even engaging in a line dance with “Marvin the Martian” towards the end of the show! 

The kings were followed by the emblems of the organization who brought the crowd to its feet!  From the beginning of Horus’ “Age of Aquarius” (which is one of this spy’s favorite songs) to a saucy Isis that had both men and women gazing at her, to the titular Osiris whose dancing and breathtaking costume had the crowd awed, it could be seen that the members of this famous dysfunctional family had come to party, and party they did.

After the emblems guests were treated to a magical journey through space beginning with Luke Skywalker saving Princess Leia who was aptly first seen crouched before an exaggerated R2D2 pleading “Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” Perfection! 

In a tableaux riddled with upbeat music, dancing and a sensational light show guests were treated to Elton John spinning in the dance floor, Aliens from Area 51 donning serapes and sombreros and being chased by border patrol off stage, astronauts defying gravity, Saturn “putting a ring on it” and the Jetsons complete with their beloved robot maid Rosie, to name but a few. The journey ended with the ball captain, Princess Leia, proudly crowning new monarchs King Judson the 34th and King Peter the 34th.

Guests stayed and partied with the members until the ball closed for a fantastic evening!

The art of motorcycle MAN-tenance
On Sunday night, Feb. 8, a 60-year-old man took off his clothes some time after midnight and rode around downtown on his motorcycle. We hear some folks at Veet’s were able to get photos and videos, though I am not sure why they would want to. Ewwwww!

Well kids, we’re in the homestretch now. Rest up because it’s going to full on from the MOTs to the OOMs. I can’t wait! Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ McConaughey lovin’, I will be there. Cioa!