Prior to a ruling by a judge to determine whether Angie Swiger could continue to serve on the Baldwin County Board of Education after the city of Gulf Shores voted to form its own school system earlier this year, Swiger submitted her letter of retirement on Dec. 5. The full letter is reproduced below.

There have been a lot of questions lately in regards to my service on this board, where my allegiance lies, and how I intend to move forward.

In my nine years of service to this board, Baldwin County Schools, and District 5, I have always been honest, fair, and forthright. My impeccable reputation speaks for itself, and I have worked very hard to be a strong advocate for Baldwin County and for ALL of District 5 including Elberta, Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores. I ran for the seat to give those communities a voice, and because of that voice, Elberta will now have the high school they’ve dreamed about for years, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach was the first feeder pattern to have a 1:1 program Kindergarten through 12, a foreign language program starting in 1st grade, and 10 college and career academies, a program that has been applauded by Dr. Bice and over 400 visitors and has been replicated in some of the tops school systems across the country.

We have created a dual enrollment program through Costal Alabama Community College that offers 13 different college level opportunities for students in academics and career tech.

Through our partnership with SBRMC, we were able to open a full time teaching facility in Orange Beach for students in the Health Sciences Academy and through our partnerships with the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, we have created opportunities to build college resumes and career opportunities for students in fire science, criminal justice, EMT programs, horticulture, engineering, and the arts (just to name a few).

When I was elected to this board, it always was and always has been my intention to help create a school system so great that no community would have the desire to split. I have worked tirelessly to build and rebuild relationships in this county and in the last 2 years, have worked very hard to find a way for the island and the county to partner for the benefit of the children involved.

At the end of the day, Gulf Shores has made the final decision to form a separate system and we must all move on from there.

My dedication and commitment to this board and to my district has been unwavering and I have no doubt that the future of Baldwin County and the future of Gulf Shores is bright.

Although I have served ALL areas of my district effectively and equitably, my passion, commitment, love, and support for my Gulf Shores Community, its citizens, and its children is no secret. After a great deal of thought and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my heart truly lies in my city and I have completed the job that 61% of the Gulf Shores voters elected me twice to do.

Therefore, This letter shall serve as my immediate resignation from the Baldwin County Board of Education. Thank you to the incredible staff whom I have had the pleasure of working with for so many years. You are second to none. I have no doubt that President Christenberry and Superintendent Tyler will work swiftly and fairly to fill my seat with a quality candidate who’s focus will be to serve the children of Baldwin County and District 5 with transparency and integrity.

Thank you.