Dear Lagniappe Readers:

We apologize for being down for most of the past 24 hours. Frankly, the excitement over the second round of voting for this year’s Nappie Awards took us and our little piece of the Internet by surprise. While voting was uninterrupted at the voting site, the number of people coming to to hit that link overwhelmed our servers and knocked us offline.

We’re still working to get everything back where it was, but things should be pretty much back to normal now. Articles should be accessible and the link at the top of this page should take readers to the voting site and we should be capable of handling the traffic now. Since 10 a.m. yesterday there have been more than 215,000 votes for the Nappie Award finalists!

Some people have had questions about the online ballots. One is “why are some finalists listed in red?” They simply purchased an extended listing, which has their website, Facebook, Twitter, address and telephone number. It’s not because Lagniappe is encouraging people to vote for them. Another question is “do you have to register every time you vote online?” The answer is yes, because it keeps sneaky computer geeks and their “bots” from rigging the results.

We’ve also been working to correct any mistakes that were in the ballots. If you know of anything misspelled or incorrect, please email and we’ll get it fixed. This year’s Nappies have been a big undertaking for us and we apologize for any mistakes we’ve made along the way. Hopefully things will be smooth sailing from here until July 13 when voting is over.

Thank you all for being Lagniappe readers and for your support and excitement about the Nappie Awards. We hope the Nappie voting will be a lot of fun for everyone this year.