There are never enough Asian restaurants for me, and my Oakleigh peeps are going nuts for the new Aroy Thai Cuisine at 966 Government St. In the former China House at the corner of Common, the reviews are all 5 out of 5 and the pictures look delicious.

Lunch specials are in the $8 range and dinner entrees max out at about $15. Basil fried rice, curries, noodles and stir fry get the Thai treatment with the usual pad thai and thom ka you’d expect. The pineapple express is a hollowed-out pineapple filled with “fried rice, eggs, chickens, shrimps, fresh pineapple chunks, cashew nuts, tomatoes, peas, carrots and curry powder.” See for yourself.

Local resident Suzanne Cleveland bent my ear with her unsolicited opinion, saying, “Do yourself a favor and try this place. I plan on going through the entire menu. I was very excited they have ice cream for dessert. Even fried ice cream!” Those are strong words from someone who is such a picky eater.

New book separates diet fact from fiction
Should I go vegan? Is the Atkins diet for me? What about Mediterranean, paleo, gluten free, Sugar Busters or the grapefruit diet? It’s all enough to make your head spin. Undoubtedly there are some diets that are out to sell you something. Others just need to be debunked.

“Food Sanity” by Dr. David Friedman (Turner Publishing, 2018) exposes the fallacies associated with what we may be told is healthy eating. It’s a tale of “common sense meets common science,” doling out advice so that readers can ensure they get the most benefit from their food and dietary supplements.

There’s a guide to big burger, chicken, deli and taco chains listing the unhealthy menu items and their (sometimes logical) healthier counterparts. Some will surprise you, such as roast beef being a better option than tuna salad.

There is a ton of advice in here stating things you already know, such as “diet drinks are bad for you, potato chips are addictive and chemical additives can be harmful.” The truth is you still probably eat most if not all of those things. The good news is there are enough eye-opening moments in the book to make you consider a lifestyle change.

A little scientific fact can go a long way. This book provides an easy read and will stick around for reference. Look for it to hit shelves in February, or pre-order your copy from

Heroes getting some menu love
After diet-busting taste testing and research, Heroes Sports Bar and Grille is now using Leidenheimer French Bread on six sandwiches, including the shrimp po’boy and fried catfish po’boy at both locations. This authentic New Orleans bread ups the game tremendously.

Be on the lookout for the fried oyster po’boy to return for a limited time. It’s better than waiting for the McRib. There will also be a seafood combo basket of catfish and kickass fried shrimp. I can’t wait for the Spicy Clipper Wings adding a bit of heat to our sweet and smoky favorites. Burgers will also be on the late-night menus and an updated beer list is in the works.

That’s how you start a new year.