Always in search of a clever angle, the Mobile Arts Council has looked to the stars for inspiration in the new year. Inspiration arrived through a suggestion from local artist Fred Marchman and completion is now dependent on the rest of our creative population.

Every month in 2014, MAC will present a collective members’ show in the small room – formerly the blue room – at the Skinny Gallery wherein members are encouraged to exhibit one piece in any medium during the month of their zodiac sign. The shows will run from roughly the 20th of one month until the 20th of the next.

The work exhibited doesn’t need a direct corollary to the astrological symbol itself. They only ask that it not have been exhibited at MAC previously. They’re eager to see whether any ideas or themes emerge from the collective subconscious of each month’s astrological mates.

Spicing up the call for entries, MAC is requesting submissions from literary and performing artists to boot. For writers, submit the work as printed text or as audio or video on disc, with a three-minute limit, please. The same parameters apply for performing artists, submission of still photos is welcome along with audio or video on disc.

MAC asks that submitting artists contact them at least a week before delivery deadline. Other ideas are welcome, too.

Capricorns: Drop off your piece at MAC between Monday, Dec. 30 and Friday, Jan. 3. Offices are open daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For further info, call 251-432-9796 or email