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A tale as old as time: Former McGill-Toolen and University of Alabama star DJ Fluker played the Beast to Principal Michelle Haas’ Beauty at McGill’s second annual “Dancing with the Stars — Jacket Style.” The event raised more than $160,000 for the school. 

Dancing, a flower festival, a little presidential odds-making and all things Cajun dominated the Boozie gossip wire this week. (You know, just your average, crazy week in Mobile.) I had spies from LoDa to MiMo to WeMo jotting down all the scoop on their bar napkins, and they did not disappoint. I unfolded all of their crumpled “reports” and transcribed it just for you. So please pour yourself a nice glass of rosé to have with this delectable plate of Boo-zay!

Stop and smell the Festival of Flowers

The 25th annual Festival of Flowers took place last week on the grounds of Providence Hospital. It is pretty amazing they are able to transform that area into a gorgeous, almost magical, garden. One of the most beautiful parts of it was a full-size carousel with horses made entirely out of flowers. It was exquisite!

The festival got kicked off with a black tie gala Wednesday night and it was swank! The open bar was so open, as the drinks were flowing (#somobile)! The grilled scallops and oysters were divine. And the people watching was pretty cool too. Mobile City Council members Joel Daves, Gina Gregory, Bess Rich and John Williams were spotted and they all looked pretty darn spiffy.

Everyone’s favorite weatherman Alan Sealls was also there. I think some of the ladies who were a little chilly in their cocktail attire hoped he could have orchestrated slightly warmer weather for them, although the men in penguin suits looked eternally grateful.

Another great year for the festival!

Getting jiggy at the Downtown Cajun Cook-off

Folks came in droves to the Downtown Cajun Cook-off in Cathedral Square this past Saturday morning. The food was delicious (lots of crawfish and rice dishes done in creative ways), the tunes were good and the beer was cold, which is why this event has become one of the most popular events of the year.

The lines for food were long but moved quickly. The competition was fierce but Dauphin’s took home the top prize for Best Food, with Butch Cassidy’s coming in second and Thompson Engineering coming in third. FOX 10 meteorologist Jason Smith announced the winners and when he told the crowd his station won for “People’s Choice” because they raised the most money, some folks in the crowd, jokingly screamed “rigged.” It’s not rigged,  my spies said they just have the best “swag” to give away. Hey, bribery is not against the rules!

The music was moving too, with Glass Joe, Stereo Dogs and Albert Simpson and John Kulinich providing the soundtrack to the day. One couple was particularly moved as they started “dancing as if no one was watching” and also making out as if no one was watching, while the Stereo Dogs played. Ahhh, love! Or maybe – ewwwwww, love!

No word on how much money was raised for The Child Advocacy Center yet, but judging by the crowd, I would say they would have to be pleased.

Dancing with the Stars

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School hosted the 2nd Annual “Dancing with the Stars- Jacket Style” this past Saturday. This year featured 12 dance teams fighting it out on the dance floor for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy to raise funds for McGill-Toolen Catholic and the St. Augustine Scholarship Fund. The evening began with a cocktail hour and dinner buffet in the new student center with 750 guests.

Fr. Shields, President of McGill-Toolen Catholic, and Devon Walsh, WKRG Anchor and McT Alum served as masters of ceremony.

The first act brought the crowd to their feet with Principal Michelle Haas and former Yellow Jacket, DJ Fluker as Beauty and the Beast. They were followed by Tricia Donaghey Vallee and Bart Briggs, who channeled the King with their Elvis-inspired routine and took home the Mirror Ball Trophy for Fan Favorite. The husband-and-wife team of Andrew and Teresa Cash won over our judges with their beautifully executed Ballroom routine to take home the trophy for Best Technical Routine.

The entire cast outdid themselves:  Kay Rehm and Charlie Willcox; Tjaden O’Dowd Cox and Mike O’Dowd; Dominique Matranga Hicks and Tim Finnorn;  Emmal Mayhall and Phillip Murphy; Amy Corneliius Huff and Gary Cowles; Deidra Dekle and Monsignor Farmer; Christy Hirschfeldt Evans and Jason Veasey, Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Wesley Williams and Laura Kahalley Megginson and Alec Namam.

The true purpose of the night was to raise funds for McT and the Overall Winner was the team with the most votes — each vote cost $1 — and Team Elvis took that title as well raising $32,378! The team of Finnorn and Hicks came in 2nd with $21,377 and Evans and Veasey in 3rd with an impressive $18,195. It was a fabulous evening that raised more than $160,000 for McT!

The odds are on…

Local (and national) oddsmaker Danny Sheridan made the New York Post’s infamous Page Six recently after he handicapped a hypothetical fight between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, since the two had been smack talking in the media recently.

He told Page Six:

“Trump is younger (71 vs. 75), heavier (239 lbs. vs. 215) and taller (6-foot-3 vs. 6 even), so Sheridan has the president as a slight 11:10 favorite, noting “The two trash-talkers are even in military draft deferments (five each), but Biden has the edge in hair because he was rumored to have had follicle transplants 15 years ago.”

“He’s not as concerned about getting his hair messed up,” Sheridan said.

Sheridan sees the bout going no more than 2-and-a-half rounds and suggests having oxygen tanks in each corner.”

SMH! This is the world we live in, folks!

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ “Beauty and the Beast” lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!