Appropriately enough, William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” was apocryphally penned as entertainment for the end of Christmas season. Hence the name.

The comedy is built around a pair of twins separated as the result of a shipwreck and the romantic triangle they spawn. Some of its themes ring as vaguely modern, like female independence in a male-dominated world, plus gender-bending facades and a touch of same-sex attraction. As such, it has lent itself well to modern retellings like “All Shook Up” and “Play On!,” versions implementing the music of Elvis Presley and Duke Ellington, respectively.

The Chickasaw Civic Theatre is staging their own version of the play directed by Bill Watts and are looking for interested actors. Auditions take place Dec. 15 and 16, 7 p.m. at Lola Phillips Playhouse, 801 Iroquois St.

There are speaking roles for three women (ages 20-60) and 12 men (ages 20-65). The cast will also include three male and three female dancers who will take small speaking and non-speaking roles.

Those interested in auditioning for the following roles may be asked to read from the monologues of these characters in the following scenes: Malvolio – Act 2, Scene 2 (“M.O.A.I., This simulation . . .”), Viola – Act 2, Scene 2 (“I left no ring with her”), Olivia – Act 1, Scene 5 (“What is your parentage?”), Sebastian – Act 4, Scene 3 (“This is the air.”), Orsino – Act I, Scene 1 (“If music be the food of love”).

Rehearsals begin in early January. Performances will run from Feb. 27 until March 8.