For artist Michael Furr, art is interaction, and this is evident in his August show at Mobile Arts Council entitled “Inside Voices Only.” The exhibit in the Danielle Juzan Gallery is aimed at encouraging viewers to jot their interpretations on pieces of paper hung around the room.  

“I look forward to reading what you have taken away from each painting. You can leave this show more enlightened or not at all,” Furr said.

Then, in the hallway’s Skinny Gallery will hang pieces in “The Tuesday Evening Printmaking Group (and Occasional Beer) Plus One” show. The group consists of Roxann Dyess, Kathy Friedline, Conroy Hudlow, Kelley Hudlow (the plus one) and Clare King.

Their show comprises “original prints,” wherein the artist fashions the image on a block plate, stone or screen by either the artist or someone under their direction. The group restricted themselves to relief and intaglio forms.

In the Small Room, photographs by Michelle Brinkman are displayed in a show entitled “This End Up!” The focus is on reflections and inspired by one of the Azalea City’s most noted characteristics.

“After one of Mobile’s frequent summer showers, I was walking around downtown photographing. I looked down and saw this amazing composition of the RSA tower in a huge puddle on Dauphin Street. Moving to the left, right or back, the composition changed. I was in total amazement of my newfound discovery,” Brinkman said.

The gallery is open for the LoDa Artwalk on Friday, Aug. 12, until 9 p.m. Regular gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

For more information call 251-432-9796 or go to

Youth mural at ACAC focuses on civic love
We received word from the Alabama Contemporary Arts Center’s Amanda Solley Wilson that a group of students from Strickland Youth Center will premiere a work at the showplace in downtown this month. It represents a change of sorts for ACAC.

Judge Edmond Naman solicited ACAC’s involvement for the last three years. In 2016, however, ACAC planned, developed and led the project to a greater degree.

The youngsters made two murals and an interactive chalkboard that reads “I Love My City Because ______.” Visitors are invited to complete the phrase with their own entries, along the lines of 2012’s “Before I Die” installation.

Plans are for the murals to sit on either side of the chalkboard in ACAC’s Dauphin Street Art Park throughout the second week of August. They will be unveiled at a party from 6-8 p.m. during the Aug. 12 LoDa Artwalk. Blowhouse Brass Band will perform for the event and refreshments will be available.

For more information call 251-208-5671.