Austin’s music scene has built a reputation for being a breeding ground for a plethora of cutting edge sounds. However, Austin musician Mike McCarthy prefers to entwine his music with old school influences. Armed with an acoustic guitar, McCarthy has crafted a style that focuses on what he calls “the roots.” He mingles Delta blues, hill country, Appalachian folk, country flat-picking and even a little Bolivian folk music into his original songs. He complements his setlists with an energetic performance that tends to spread through his audiences.

Mike McCarthy

McCarthy’s hybridized style can best be experienced through his debut album “From the Shadow of a Mountain.” Each song on the 12-track album takes the listener through a variety of styles and emotions. “Fire in the Stove” is a driving ballad that drops into slide blues on a whim. “Stone Me Down” begins as an old school stomp blues track before being riddled with dirty electric guitar. McCarthy is one of American roots music’s brightest students, and the crowd at Moe’s will not have a problem seeing why.

Mike McCarthy
Date: Saturday, Aug. 9, 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Moe’s Original BBQ, 701 Spring Hill Ave.,
Tickets: Free