Author: Lagniappe

What Oakleigh taught me

Editor: My name is Trinity Walker. I am a resident of Mobile County, a senior in high school and an advocate for the historical preservation of our lovely city. In addition, I am an Oakleigh Belle and an Azalea Trail Maid....

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A difference of opinion

Editor: Thank you for publishing Quin Hillyer’s Letter to the Editor, “Why drag queens shouldn’t read” (Sept. 5, 2018). It reminded me that I wanted to make a donation to the Friends of the Mobile Public Library, and now I have...

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A letter of thanks

Editor: A great big “thank you” to the people that were on Dauphin and Royal street on Wednesday, Aug. 22. I may not be able to name you all, but I do want to thank you all for helping my Shadow and myself at a time of distress....

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