Author: Lee Hedgepeth

Say it with me, Montgomery

Say it with me, Montgomery: “Vergangenheitsbewältigung.” I know, it’s a long word, but we need to get it down, because Alabama needs “Vergangenheitsbewältigung.” The compound German word, which gained prominence as a concept...

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Break out the ticker tape?

Break out the ticker tape! That’s the latest suggestion for Mobile and Baldwin counties from Montgomery’s politicians, and I don’t exactly disagree. Last week, just days after the epic failure in legislative leadership that...

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Lie now, fix it later

Alabama’s top political leaders have a big problem: they just can’t seem to tell the truth. Well, they can tell the truth, but they prefer to soften it with a lie first. Lie first, and fess up later. And sadly that’s the case on...

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Bentley blames everyone but himself

A newly released recording of a state representative’s 2015 phone conversation with Gov. Robert Bentley sheds new light on Bentley’s state of mind — and failure to take responsibility — in the days following his divorce from...

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