Two months have passed since outlaw country singer Wayne Mills was shot and killed in Nashville’s Pit & Barrel by owner Chris Ferrell. Since the incident, Ferrell has claimed that his gun was fired in self-defense after an argument ensued over Mills smoking in a non-smoking section in the Pit & Barrel.

Ferrell was later arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder and later released on $150,000 bond. With the lack of details over what happened that evening on Nov. 23, many of Mills’ friends, family and fans have been left in limbo. With the release of the Nashville Medical Examiners Office autopsy and toxicology report, many who were left with questions over Mills’ murder received a few answers.

Mills was killed from a single gunshot to the head, and the death has been ruled a homicide by the Medical Examiners Office. Due to the lack of soot and gunpowder near the wound, the Medical Examiners Office found the gun was not fired at close range.

In addition to the gunshot wound, the autopsy report also states that Mills had multiple injuries. He was found with two broken ribs, multiple abrasions on his head and contusions on his chest, arms, forearms, left thigh and right knee. Toxicology reports found that Mills had a blood alcohol level of 0.221 as well as amphetamine at 23 ng/ml.

Ferrell was in court on Thurs., Jan. 16 for pre-trial procedures. The court granted permission to the company holding Ferrell’s bond to take less than the usual 10 percent to secure his release. Under the conditions of his bond, Ferrell filed a change of address under the conditions of his bond. Ferrell will be back in court on Thu., Feb. 6.