Band: Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival
Date: Saturday, Feb. 4, at 8 p.m.
Venue: Manci’s Antique Club, 1715 Main St. (Daphne),
Tickets: $8 at the door

Local indie label Skate Mountain Records used a private showcase to introduce Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival to an exclusive crowd. The band’s set portrayed Lumpkin’s evolution as an artist, first focusing on the singer-songwriter’s Trigger Root project.

With its acoustic foundation, Trigger Root gracefully skipped across alt. country, rock and folk with a little jam added for good measure. Lumpkin’s music was filled with lyrics forged from his life experiences on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Recognizing Lumpkin’s talent, Skate Mountain Records decided to introduce his music to the world.

Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival have released the “Giants Up Ahead” EP as a preview for the upcoming full-length “Home.” With its vivid sonic interpretation of life, this release shows Lumpkin has not strayed too far from his original formula. “Giants Up Ahead” demonstrates this evolution, beginning with the raucous, acoustic goodness of the title track. Afterwards, “Giants Up Ahead” transcends into a soul rock experience, with multiple aural layers of instrumentation and vocals that beef up Lumpkin’s trademark sound.

If “Giants Up Ahead” is a look into Lumpkin’s future, locals can expect more big sounds from this talented musician.