In an effort to improve the historic accuracy of its official seal, the Baldwin County Commission will discuss potential changes to the representation of the Confederacy as well as three other flags in the seal at its next regular meeting in Bay Minette on Oct. 6 at 9 a.m.

The Baldwin County seal.

The Baldwin County seal.

Currently, Baldwin County’s 41-year-old seal contains the flags of Spain, England, France, Alabama, United States and the battle flag. The county’s explanation for the flag says it symbolizes nations with past or present jurisdiction over the county.

At a recent work session, resident Sam Crosby asked the commission to consider removing the Battle Flag of the Confederacy and replacing it with the First National Flag of the Confederacy, which actually flew over the county.

After some investigation, Archives and History Director Felisha Anderson is now recommending changes to the flags of Spain, England and France in the seal as well.

According to Anderson, the the current Spanish flag used on the seal was not used after 1506. Anderson recommends changing the flag to the Burgundy Cross flag, which was used in 1519 when Spanish explorers first landed in Alabama.

Anderson also recommends changing the blue fleur-de-lis flag of France, which was not used after 1598, to the white fleur-de-lis flag used when the French settled in Baldwin County in 1702.

A fourth change would be the representation of the flag of the United Kingdom, which was not established until 1801. England ruled Baldwin County from 1763-1780. Anderson recommends the county instead use the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which was adopted in 1606 and would be historically accurate.

Of the six flags currently on the seal, only the United States Flag and the flag of Alabama would remain unchanged if the commission adopts the recommendations.