Submitted by the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation 

In the last three decades, Baldwin County residents have seen unprecedented growth in job opportunities, revitalized infrastructure, improved educational facilities and other improvements. Tourism is thriving and every week we celebrate new economic gains. We are poised to continue these accomplishments.

Local laws have been one factor benefiting our county and all of Alabama. Baldwin County legislators have worked hard throughout the years to pass local bills to maintain our quality of life. Since 1984, the Alabama House of Representatives has used the Budget Isolation Resolution, or BIR, to pass hundreds of local acts that affect almost every county. While these acts have benefited most counties, part of the wording of the voting process has been called into question.

This question must be resolved. If not, hundreds of bills (including more than 37 specifically passed to benefit Baldwin County), many of which were approved by local voters, could be in jeopardy. These acts created laws to support Baldwin economic development, volunteer fire departments, transportation, infrastructure, education, law enforcement, health care, courts, emergency services as well as protecting local historic treasures, such as Blakeley and Fort Morgan. If Amendment 14 to the Alabama Constitution fails, these acts and others could be invalidated. We must not let this happen.

The solution to this problem is Amendment 14. This amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot will validate approximately 700 local laws passed since 1984. This will not create any new laws or taxes, but will only validate laws already in effect, many of which were approved by local voters.

A “yes” vote on Amendment 14 will allow Baldwin County to continue to receive the funding and legislation that we need to continue our quality of life. To put it simply, Amendment protects Alabama and it protects Baldwin County. On Nov. 8, vote “yes” for Alabama and vote yes for Baldwin County’s future.