The Baldwin County Judicial Commission has nominated three finalists to fill the vacancy in the position of Baldwin County District Judge for Place 2 in the 28th Judicial Circuit Court. The position became vacant with the appointment of Judge Scott Taylor to the Circuit Court June 22. The three nominees were submitted to Gov. Robert Bentley on Tuesday morning, according to Judicial Commission Chairman and Circuit Judge J. Langford Floyd.

The finalists are Thomas Pilcher, William “Bill” Scully Jr., and Clark Stankoski. The finalists were picked from a group of nominees that also included Brian Dasinger, Richard Davis Jr., Virginia “Ginger” Poynter, Donald D. “Wayne” Doerr Jr., Matt Simpson, Michaelyn Gober, Kyle Henderson and Mary Murchison.

Bentley will have 30 days after receipt of the nominations to select one nominee to fill the vacancy. If the Governor fails to make a selection within 30 days, the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court will make the appointment from the same list of nominees. The appointee will hold the office until the next general election.