Band: Debauche
Date: Saturday, April 11 at 6 p.m.
Venue: Cathedral Square Stage

Exotic sounds are pretty typical in New Orleans. Each day, visitors to the Crescent City are inundated with music from a variety of backgrounds. Drawing inspiration from it all, Debauche is giving Big Easy music junkies some of the most unique sounds that have ever echoed through the old city.

The rebellious philosophies of punk and gypsy converge in this band, and the New Orleans locals have quickly fallen in love with its “Russian Mafia music.” Front man/guitarist Yegor Romantsov serves as the foundation of Debauche. In the beginning, Romantsov was playing this Russian style of gypsy punk as a solo act. Eventually, an “orchestra” grew around him. All of them shared a love for this unique style of music.
“They (the band) found me,” Romantsov said. “I was very loud and obnoxious, and I was very hard to miss. Most members of my band in the beginning were from the Zydepunks. This is a very unique way of doing gypsy punk. I always sing in Russian. We have a few Ukrainian songs but mostly Russian traditional songs of criminals. It’s 100-year-old stuff.”

When Debauche takes the stage, the audience does not experience a concert. Those in attendance are hurled into the middle of a raucous gypsy festival where spirits are bright and good times reign supreme. This makes Debauche the perfect match for a city like New Orleans.

“New Orleans is a very unique city,” Romantsov explained. “People love to party, and they love music. They love everything that we do, and we have a good following. We always have really good reception from them.”

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As far as the Ukrainians and Russians who experience this music, Romantsov explains that they do not know quite what to think of these beloved traditional songs. Eventually, they begin to recognize the songs of their homeland and join in the energetic debauchery that this band is known to create at their live shows. They have no choice but to join Debauche in the world of gypsy punk.

“Mostly, they (Ukrainians/Russians) freak out,” Romantsov said. “The way we do it, nobody does it like that back home. There are very few bands that take these traditional criminal songs and take it to the next level. Most of our fans are English-speaking Americans.”

The Azalea City is sure to “freak out” over Debauche as well. Local music lovers have yet to experience a band quite like Debauche. Upbeat rhythms are maintained for the entire set, and festive vibes emanate as each song is played. Debauche will come armed with their self-titled debut album as well as their newest effort “Songs from Underground.”

Romantsov also revealed that the band is currently working on their third album and trying to arrange a tour with gypsy punk master Gogol Bordello.

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