Band: Mondo Cozmo
Date: Saturday, May 20, 12:30 p.m.
Venue: Fitz’s Stage

Enter the world of Mondo Cozmo, the brainchild of Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter/producer Josh Ostrander. Ostrander, who has spent time performing with bands such as Laguardia and Eastern Conference Champions, jokingly says this latest persona was created because he was “tired of digging holes.” Mondo Cozmo allows Ostrander the freedom to work at his own pace and be the sole decision-maker.

“It’s just nice that it’s just me,” he said. “Coming from a band situation that I’ve been in forever, [now] I get to make my own decisions. Things move a lot faster, I guess. I don’t have to get four other people to agree on it. From doing a photoshoot to playing a song or writing a song, it’s easier for me right now. I like it.”

Being the boss has not been without its complications. When it came to choosing backing musicians to tour, Ostrander was filled with apprehension and uncertainty. However, the recruitment process was a positive experience that has turned his live show into what he calls “a beast.”

“[The live show] has become the best part of it,” Ostrander said. “I think it’s so cool, because I had this fear of putting together this band. Now, it’s become its own thing. It’s amazing.”

Ostrander’s Mondo Cozmo project is a fresh singer-songwriter experience adrenalized by rock ‘n’ roll. Ostrander has spent the past year providing a steady stream of singles acting as harbingers for a full-length album. This method of creation and composition has allowed anthems such as “Shine” to live up to its name online and on the radio. Ostrander revels in the song’s success.

“To see the reactions that this song has gotten … when I wrote that song and recorded … and for people to gravitate and find hope or positivity, I think that it’s so cool that it came from something that wasn’t great,” Ostrander said. “It’s so empowering. I just love it.”

Mondo Cozmo fans will soon get their hands on a full-length album, which Ostrander says is complete. As far as a release date, he says it might be sometime around his Lollapalooza perfomance in August. Until then, Hangout Fest will provide the perfect opportunity to hear both the singles that have already been released and the album that is yet to come. As far as his beachside set, Ostrander promises to give the crowd “everything,” with a lot of sweat and energy.