You know you had a long week when, once Friday rolls around, you have a few too many drinks and then fall asleep, only to wake up thinking it’s 3 a.m. … but really it’s just 11 p.m. Is this what getting old is like? Most nights I’m not even in bed by 11, much less asleep. The good thing was that I was well rested for a packed Saturday of errands, a birthday party, Beer Fest and the big fight! It was a jam-packed day but I got it all knocked out! (Wink, wink!)

The beer is here
Dauphin Street Beer Fest was back this past weekend! It’s up there with Boozie’s fave events, but if I could make two changes it would be first to bribe Mother Nature and make it cooler because it was hot, hot, hot. (Although the beer does go down much easier on a steamy August so maybe the heat is better.)

My second change would be having a second Beer Fest in the spring! Beer Fest brings tons of people downtown. I have friends who prefer basic beers, vino or the harder stuff but still love to come downtown with all us fancy beer drinkers and walk around, so two a year would be twice the fun and good for business! But two beer festivals may be too much for some people, as they can’t even handle one a year, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

First the beers. I’m not an IPA gal. I enjoy blonde beer, fruity beer, light beer and the occasional dark beer, so of course my faves were fruity. I’d say the best was the Great Divide Nadia Kali Hibiscus beer The Haberdasher was pouring. I had to look up the name but I knew it had hibiscus. I also learned it has a woody taste, but I guess I missed that.

Some more of my top picks: the pineapple cider at The Flipside, the Strawberry Blonde at The Royal Scam and of course Strawgator at Heroes.

While lines were long at places such as LoDa Bier Garten, O’Daly’s and Veet’s, it was worth the wait. I really regret not getting a soft pretzel from the Bier Garten, they looked amazing! But I did enjoy the syringe Jell-o shot from Grand Central! Syringe Jell-o shots are always better.

The attire at Beer Fest is up there among great events for people watching. In fact, the best part is seeing what everyone is wearing. As always, there were plenty of pretzel necklaces. A few folks tried to get creative with their edible jewels, but one guy probably didn’t think his necklace through because the pretzels were touching his neck — ew, extra salty.

There were also lots of beer mug hats and even a few folks — including Matt, owner of LoDa Bier Garten — wearing Bavarian lederhosen. Boozie’s personal favorite was the T-shirt O’Daly’s made, featuring an outline of a Bavarian lederhosen. I need one of those for next year! Honestly, the best shirt was probably the guy wearing a Ramen noodle tank top — it was beef flavored.

Beer attire wasn’t the only thing spotted, there were groups of people sporting matching T-shirts. I guess if one of them got lost it would be easy to regroup. Then there were some girls who left the house missing the rest of their shorts! Maybe I am getting old, but I know I never wore shorts that allowed my cheeks that much air. There were some guys also wearing cutoff jean shorts. Luckily theirs weren’t as short as I saw on some of the girls.

To Boozie, the best part of the beer fest is the end. I mean, I’m not glad it’s over but I sure do love watching people stumble around. This is a good time to wear the matching T-shirts — you’ll know who is your friend and get them to help you walk. Boozie watched a guy get kicked out of O’Daly’s. I’m going to assume it’s because he was wasted but his friend was nice enough to help him walk out of the bar to wherever they were headed.

Then I got to witness a guy pretty much carrying his wife. Poor thing was on the struggle bus for sure. Her dress was out of place, her hair was a mess and she wasn’t very good at walking. When they were in the middle of street she fell down. He was able to help her to her hands and knees, where she wanted to stay, and finally he just picked her up and got her back on her feet, adjusted her dress and kept helping her walk. I can tell you two things: She probably felt like crap Sunday morning, and he will probably never go to beer fest with her again. Cheers!

Fight night
Hype has really been building around events here recently. First the solar eclipse, then the mayor’s race and finally, the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. Granted, Boozie isn’t much of a boxing fan, nor do I know anything about it. But I do know it wasn’t what I expected.

We watched the fight at The Carriage House, those apartments across from Moe’s and the Garage. They had chairs and a big screen set up in the parking lot, and plenty of beer. It was an awesome setup, not to mention the location was perfect!

The fight began and a few rounds in people were “ewing” over hits. I was thinking that my older sister used to hit me harder than that and I didn’t get $30 mill. Anyways, those first couple of rounds weren’t anything special. Finally, around round 6, we started to see some action but it still wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe I need to watch more boxing?

By the time they called the fight, I was too busy talking and drinking to realize that I had missed the best round. Ugh. But at that point it was time to make the call of going out or going home. My group decided it was time to go, but a few were still holding on strong and headed farther downtown. I am sure they experienced a TKO of a different kind later that evening.

Extra! Extra!
Read all about it is right! This past weekend one of my spies did something off Boozie’s beaten path: She attended a play — “Annie” — at the Joe Jefferson Playhouse. My spy said Annie, Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks and the entire cast did an absolutely amazing job, earning a standing ovation at the end. And she said there was even an unexpected “cast member” of sorts that she thought I would be interested in. Playing the part of “the newspaper” in the play was Lagniappe! What?!? No wonder this paper is such a diva! Do I smell a Tony? Oh wait, I guess that’s just newsprint. Anywho, my spy said you should definitely catch the show. It runs through September 10 at the playhouse on Carlen Street. She did warn you will be singing “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” for days though.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ cold beer lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!