Get ready to step into the time machine Saturday, Aug. 29, when the 18th Annual Dauphin Street Beer Festival comes to downtown Mobile. It will be three solid hours of debauchery beginning at 6 p.m. and ending in a haze at 9 p.m. as you saunter through the streets from Washington Avenue to Royal Street via Dauphin and surrounding areas, visiting 29 different participating venues.

Here is the method to the madness: Purchase your $25 ticket in advance from one of the venues. Whichever venue you purchase it from will be your starting point. There, on the night of the event, you’ll be handed a mug. After your first beer at that establishment, you’re free to roam about the entertainment district, stopping into any venue for another slug of the cold stuff.

You’ll find your starting point at one of the following: The Garage, Azalea Manor, Moe’s Original BBQ, OK Bicycle Shop, The Union, Wintzell’s, O’Daly’s Irish Pub, The Flip Side, The Blind Mule, The Saddle Up Saloon, Heroes, Hayley’s, Studio 5’4”, Boo Radley’s, Pat’s, The Brickyard, T.P. Crockmier’s, LoDa Bier Garten, Alchemy Tavern, Gabriel’s Downtown, Montego’s, The Bar, The Crescent Theater, Soul Kitchen, B-Bob’s, Joe Cain Café, Serda’s, Veet’s and Royal Scam. I hope I got everyone.

This list could be considered a walking list beginning on one end and ending at the other. Follow this list forward, in reverse or start in the middle and go in any direction you please, but keep your route simple. You don’t need to end up lost in the streets of Mobile, but should that occur Uber is the way to be extracted. Hit that app and they will follow the GPS right to you. It’s a heck of a way to get around.

If you know where you are, then call one of our many fine taxi cabs and they will be happy to pick you up.

Don’t forget to drink water. And by all means, eat something. A good thing many of these places have amazing food, so take advantage of the beer munchies. Hey, that gives me a great idea: Uber food trucks for next year’s fest! They pick you up and feed you! Check out Dauphin Street Beer Festival on Facebook for more information and links.

Piggly Wiggly opening in Spanish Fort
Spanish Fort is not hurting for grocery stores. The little town is growing rapidly and needs are currently being filled by Publix and the new Rouse’s store at the corner of highways 31 and 225. The shopping is continuing to grow with the latest addition of Piggly Wiggly around the corner.

Cain’s Piggley Wiggly is slated to open this week at the Prodisee Center just at the top of the hill from the causeway. You may know the other stores in the area such as Rite Aid and my favorite Spanish Fort diamond, Cheryl’s Café.

Azalea Manor hosts Weichman for a brunch to remember
A lot is going on at Dauphin Street’s Azalea Manor. This Sunday, Aug. 23, the event facility is hosting Chef John Weichman for a brunch called “Delicious Memories.”

From 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., diners will start their meal by helping themselves at different stations to breads, pasta, fruits and salads while they wait for their made-to-order entrées. With 15 to choose from, you ought to find something you like.

This includes, but is not limited to, soft shell crab, surf and turf grits, salmon with seafood stuffing, Constantine’s crabmeat omelet, osso bucco, chicken Cordon bleu, pan-sautéed snapper, shrimp and crabmeat sauce, lamb loin chops, rib eye and beef tenderloin.

The price of the meal is dependent upon the entrée but ranges from $25-$35. Desserts and wines by the glass or bottle are extra. Azalea Manor is located at 751 Dauphin St. Reservations are recommended. Call 251-478-2881.

Throwed rolls land Lambert’s in hot water
The days of throwed rolls may be numbered, but I remain optimistic the tradition will carry on. Media outlets were in an uproar this past week as Lambert’s Café, home of the “throwed” rolls, fell under fire. I’m not talking about our Lambert’s in Foley. That one is actually listed as Lambert’s III. The company originates in Missouri and the suit comes from a Show Me State location.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Troy Tucker, a Missouri woman who claims to have suffered eye, neck and head injuries while dining at the restaurant. The cause of those injuries, as you have guessed, was a roll hurled her way.

Tucker was hit last September and has reported spending $10,000 thus far for medical care. The suit seeks $25,000 in case there are future expenses.

The best part of Lambert’s is the fact that they are up to so many antics. They tell you they’re going to throw rolls at you. I’ve seen them pass off okra to Yankees telling them the chunks are fried cheesecake bites. Rubber snakes in pots of greens are not uncommon. This is my kind of humor.

Nowhere else have I been where food was thrown at me. I’ll pay extra to have that here. Whatever happens with this lawsuit, we have to keep “throwed” rolls, no matter how grammatically irritating, a practice in the state of Alabama.

Montego’s opens on Dauphin Street
It is with a smile on my face that I announce to you Montego’s Caribbean Café and Bar has opened a downtown location at 225 Dauphin St. I will forever call this location the former brewery, but am glad to see this tenant move in.

Just across from LoDa Bier Garten, Montego’s will serve up cuisine that mirrors its Airport Boulevard location. Think sliders and tacos that come in fish, pulled pork, jerk chicken and shrimp. Don’t neglect the crabcakes, but your go-to will be the fried green tomato BLT. Welcome to downtown.

Recycle those beer festival mugs!