Band: Harvest Nights featuring Paul Sanchez
Date: Saturday, June 16, 4 p.m.
Venue: Weeks Bay Plantation, 12562 Mary Ann Beach Road (Fairhope),
Tickets: $5 at the gate (free for blueberry pickers)

Since early May, Weeks Bay Plantation has welcomed the public to spend a Saturday afternoon harvesting its organic blueberry crop. This weekly event has also featured musical entertainment for the crowd of would-be farmers. These family-friendly Harvest Night events have provided the Mobile Bay Area with a unique and beautiful musical experience that has brought a number of impressive musical acts to Fairhope.

The public will have one last chance to spend an evening at Weeks Bay Plantation, this time with the music of Paul Sanchez providing the grand finale. The New Orleans singer-songwriter, a founding member of Cowboy Mouth, will accent this lazy afternoon on the farm with tracks from his latest release, “One More Trip Around the Sun.” This album features a musical blend of countrified rock and swampy blues. Throughout the album, Sanchez takes listeners on a vivid musical trip with songs that would be at home in both juke joints and honky-tonks.