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2018 Nappie Winner  |  Josh Foster, Best Personal Trainer

The Nappie Award winner for Best Personal Trainer decided against a career in the medical field, despite a family history. He wanted to help keep people healthy in a different way.

Josh Foster, the manager at Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp, said a career in the preferred field of many in his family just wasn’t going to work out.

“I have family in the medical field, but I decided that wasn’t for me,” he said. “I tell people I’m in preventative medicine.”

The Mobile native, who has been a personal trainer for 11 years, is committed to helping clients maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if it’s not as easy as it might sound.

“The toughest part of the job is probably working with people on nutrition,” he said.

Convincing clients to do burpees, or jump squats, is also tough, but sometimes part of the job. Motivating clients to do exercises they are not thrilled about takes a great deal of communication, Foster said. Communication is maybe the most important aspect of his job, he said. Screaming at clients is not the best way to get effort out of them, he said.

A client begins by setting individual goals, which Foster said leads into the best part of the job for him; engaging with people.

“There are so many ways to engage and connect with people,” he said. “You’ve got to be able to do it all.”

The Mobile native graduated from Murphy High School and moved on to the University of Alabama, where he earned a degree in human  performance and exercise science. He admitted credentials are always important for a trainer and a degree is “very good to have.”

Throughout high school and college, Foster was a gym rat.

“I grew up playing ball,” he said. “I enjoyed lifting. I was a crazy person  in the weight room. I wanted to learn more about it.”

A former football and track athlete at Murphy, Foster said his favorite workout activity now is lifting, as he finds it is a great way to relieve stress.

“It’s kind of like therapy for me,” he said. “I go to a gym where I don’t know anybody … .”

He met his wife, Candace, a real estate agent, while at Murphy but the two began dating at Alabama. In his spare time, he helps her with home staging, although he stopped short of calling it a hobby.

Foster said when he left to get a degree and got back into training the thought of leaving Mobile for good and moving to a bigger city did cross his mind, but he moved back to his hometown.

“Mobile has been good to us,” Foster said.