I’ve been busier than a Lower Alabama storm drain this last week. Sometimes it’s feast in this biz, and sometimes it’s famine. This week was definitely the former as the gossip poured as heavily as the rain. So need to take your time up here, just go ahead and dive right on in and swim around in it. Warning! No lifeguard is on duty.

Bluegrass, crawdads and fence lickin’
St. Mary’s annual Crawfish & Bluegrass Extravaganza battled off the rain to live up to its billing this past weekend. 

Although our Biblical rains of late left the field too mushy to host hundreds of head-sucking bluegrass lovers, the tail-pinching area was moved to the school’s parking lot and the bands were treated to playing on stage in the gym. 

The music did not disappoint, as Fat Man Squeeze, Delta Reign, The Deluxe Trio and Rollin’ in the Hay all crushed it and kept the gym packed. It was a first time for Deluxe Trio, but I doubt it will be their last visit to the Extravaganza. 

Boozie’s spies said they’re not sure who prepares the crawdads for this festival, but that person is Picasso with the crab boil. The crawfish were perfectly spicy and one spy said he managed to down four pans of them himself, which seems a bit gluttonish. What are you gonna do, some people lose it around free crawfish. 

And while the space was a bit more cramped than usual, everyone seemed to have a good time. An impromptu bluegrass jam broke out at one point, led by Fat Man Squeeze’s “Mr. Bubble,” who was sawin’ on a fiddle and playin’ it hot. Boy let me tell you what!

One of my spy’s favorite moments was walking by and seeing an approximately 4-year-old gentleman licking the bars of the fence surrounding the proceedings. When my spy laughed and asked what in the world he was doing, another boy about the same age ran up and started licking the fence too. Everyone was laughing until Dad noticed and told the boys to knock it off. He seemed troubled by what might have caused them to do something as goofy as that. 

The rain has haunted this event the past couple of years, but the folks at St. Mary’s handled it quite well this year. But maybe someone needs to say 100 Hail Marys and ask her to pray for sunshine next year. 

Van Peebles spotted in LoDa
Director Mario Van Peebles was spotted at the Hampton Inn last Saturday. He and a crew were out scouting locations for a new film he is planning on shooting here, “USS Indianapolis,” which will be directed by Van Peebles and stars Nicolas Cage, bringing the Oscar winner back to the Azalea City for another shoot. Cage starred in “Tokarev” aka “Rage,” which was filmed here in 2013, but did not garner an Oscar nod for Cage. “USS Indianapolis” will begin filming on June 10. The USS Alabama will be where many of the scenes are shot.

Roomie Wanted
About five or six years ago, Boozie found a sign hanging on a light pole downtown from a gentleman looking for a roommate to share an apartment. We are not sure if he ever found one then, but whatever the case, the same man is once again in search of someone to share his 840 sq. foot apartment. He has taken to Craiglist to find the perfect “single person, or two people” that he can call his “mate.” This was posted earlier this month. The rent will run you $280 per month.

“Have a furnished or unfurnished master bedroom for a single person, or two people; All nationalities are welcome. Master bedroom is 12 ft. wide by 19 ft. long, and has a Serta queen size mattress only, but large enough to sleep 2 people easily, and has no rails, or box springs, but very nice, but has sheets, and blankets on the bed, a night stand w/a lamp & 2 book shelf’s, Panasonic 32” Color TV w/a converter box, & picks up 24 channels, air purifier, a Roper Washing Machine, all in your bed room, and there is a washer/dryer room, on property as well. Bath room has shower, and a long bath tub, and we share, very clean! I don’t date very often, so no one else used my shower in over a year, our shower, we share and I don’t have any STDs, so please don’t call me if U do, or call and explain why what you have isn’t contagious! Have wash cloths, towels, sheets & pillow cases; I will split cost of WiFi instillation, and monthly T.V. bill, if U own a tablet or computer, & U are willing to let me to use your computer, and U choose the carrier! I don’t do pornography, or X rated videos, mostly horticulture, grow indoors videos & Aquaculture, on U -TUBE. Monster Gardens.com Concept 420.com & West Palm Beach News.com & PBS.org Frontline.org I live and sleep in the dining room, converted into my room, so this is a 1 bedroom converted into a 2 bedroom, and you have your own room & privacy. I am a 52 year old white male, slim, thin & tall, w/graces, manors, exercise regularly, eat healthy minded, don’t use tobacco products, do enjoy BUD ICE, & Bolla Bardalini red wine, use extra virgin olive oil to fry all our meats in, 1 skillet for fish &1 skillet for chicken, both kept in the refrigerator, so I don’t wash greasy skillets very often. Use Stevia instead of sugar, from the Stevia plant, much healthier than sugar, and take approximately 16 different food supplements daily. I seek a mate w/clean life style habits, smart, intelligent; JESUS CHRIST is my best friend, & hope that you feel the same way. You cannot smoke tobacco, in my home, so Smoke out on the upstairs deck, and I am 4:20 p.m. coffee break friendly, and I have a close degree in nutrition, and horticulture, and botany; Home security system with 4 cameras out side of this apartment, to monitor my out side world, and has 2,500 hours of recording time. The kitchen is 100% per cent nicely furnished, large bar, 19” color t.v. w/lit up counters and sink, two microwave ovens, activated charcoal water filter, blender, toaster, electric can opener, coffee pot, medium size refrigerator, electric stove, w/all amenities; No roaches, and entire home is carpeted w/carpet, spotless clean throughout! Picture I.D from any state & a Social Security card are imperative, minor arrest record is OK, and my land lord does a criminal background check; Non violent offenses are acceptable. Rent is $70.00 dollars weekly, plus there is a non refundable dead lock deposit of $20.00 dollars, total needed to move in is $90.00 dollars CASH! NO CHECKS, or MONEY ORDERS, NO TEXT! Majority of text, probably 95% per cent, are con artist! You will need to get to a phone & call me, I talk, & Leave a voice mail if I am busy… I don’t associate w/any of the other tenants in this complex, as the saying goes, never pick cotton in your own back yard, and U wont either if U live here w/me! We have our privacy! I have been here 4 full years now, going on 5 years now. City buses operate in front of this complex 6 days a week. This is a excellent location! Call between 6:00 A.M. – 11:00 P.M. Please, you need to be healthy, be able to walk up stairs!! Bring picture ID & a Social Security card with U to my parking lot, as soon as U show up, I will see a I.D. NO EXCEPTIONS!! If U are a restaurant worker, live on tips that’s OK, but I must be able to verify U have a job, or income. No I.D.? Don’t call me! I am poor, but meticulously clean, neat, punctual, professional, and seek the same in any long term mate. I vacuum my floors 2 x daily, VERY CLEAN!! No roaches, no traffic! Will pay cash for any house plant grow equipment, or horticulture magazines. I am 300 yards west of Hwy. 90 on the south side of Pleasant Valley Rd. Musical taste include, Alice in Chains, Nickleback, Tool, Maroon 5, AC-DC, AKON, SNOOP DOOG, Jazz, Michael Franks, Sinead O” Conner.”

I’m sure he will be inundated with applicants. Just hope they can pass the STD screening! Yikes!

What a fine time at PRIDE
In spite of the rain or threat of rain, Saturday PRIDE, celebrating the rights of our gay community, was just great, according to my spies. As expected, there were many advocates there promoting gay marriage, but also many other representatives of the gay community and their allies, including a “good looking, leggy Miss Gay Pride, who looked astonishing in white lace short pants and a ‘demur’ top.” We hear the Nappie Award-winning Miss Venus was also there, surrounded by some of the “most gorgeous well-built men,” who performed later that evening.

And speaking of gay pride weekend….
We received a report from two of our local spies who were in the Big Apple to celebrate gay pride weekend up there. It seems Broadway diva, Patti Lupone, was performing her one-women show “ Lady With a Torch “ at the Below 54 Supper Club. Featuring songs from Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin and others of that ilk, when she made the announcement she was in a workshop dealing with a new musical about the feud between the two cosmetic firm figureheads Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein, saying it was “every gay man’s dream!” She did not disclose which character she was reading … But just remember, you heard it hear first and Boozie has spies everywhere!

Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ two skillet lovin’ (one for fish, one for chicken), I will be there. Ciao!