The Boom Boom is here and now! Parades are in full swing, and Boozie is trying her best to keep up. With Senior Bowl and Mardi Gras there were just too many parties last weekend! And next weekend we have Joe Cain and Super Bowl. It’s just too hard. I like it better when it’s spread out more and so does my liver. Whhhhaaaa!

Hey mister, take my picture
This weekend, Boozie had reports of NFL players being spotted all over town. First up, Boozie saw D.J. Fluker hanging out at Moe’s BBQ during the parade Friday night. D.J. is an offensive guard for the San Diego Chargers and was home for a little visit, so I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll see of him. He is hard to miss!

Next up, Rob Gronkowski aka Gronk. Boozie hates to admit this, but I had to Google who he was. I had people telling me left and right that he was at O’Daly’s Friday night, but I missed the memo that he is kind of a big deal, a tight end for the New England Patriots. Sorry, Gronk. I’m told he wouldn’t take pictures with any fans and that he was just in town to watch his baby bro play in the Senior Bowl.

Boozie was also informed A.J. McCarron, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, was seen on Government Street at Royal, enjoying Mardi Gras. My spy wasn’t  the only one who saw him, though. I was told A.J. was bombarded with Mardi Gras throws from the float riders. Unlike Gronk, A.J. was happy to talk and take photos with fans. That’s a good Southern boy for you.

Senior Bowl
The weather for Senior Bowl was absolutely glorious! Though it did seem like there were fewer tailgaters out this year, probably because of the Mardi Gras festivities, there were still plenty of folks having a grand time. I am told the WNSP/WZEW tent was one of the best tents to be in, with Dew Drop dogs, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, chicken fingers from WeMo’s, Rasing Cane’s and Catfish Junction and yummy grilled oysters from Half Shell Oyster House, among other tasty treats that Boozie couldn’t get over to, though she wanted to. Yum! Now that’s how you build your base! Oh and there were lots of fun folks chatting it up inside and watching the game on their TVs and using their delightfully clean port-a-potties. Nothing says successful Senior Bowling like finding a perfect potty with paper!

Boozie was also told by one of my spies that University of Alabama and Senior Bowl players Reggie Ragland and Cyrus Jones were dining at Heroes and even took the time to take a picture with owner David Rasp. Nice!

Parade of Patron
We hear a few of Friday night’s parading members may have gotten the good times rolling a little too early, as word on the street is three bottles of Patron may have been consumed by one group of local float riders by early afternoon at an OGD watering hole. Ouch! But hey, the Gras is all about excess, so good job, gentlemen!

Saturday and Sunday were packed full of float barn parties. Boozie had some out-of-town guests visiting and they asked if the barn party was out in a field and if it was a real barn. Bless their hearts, they were in for a real surprise.

One of my spies visited the Comic Cowboys’ barn Saturday afternoon for a preview of their always-irreverent floats, and per usual, they came up with some pretty crazy stuff, including several that will make some blush. My spy wouldn’t spoil their surprises, but said you definitely would not want to miss their parade on Fat Tuesday.

On the wrong side of the tracks
Sunday’s barn parties didn’t go as smoothly as Saturday’s. Yeah, sure, people had a great time and drank plenty of beer, but when it came time to head home is when the real problem happened.

Crewe of Columbus and the Order of LaShe’s both had their barn parties on the same day so parking wasn’t easy to find. Presumably a member or guest of one of these organizations parked their new truck a little too close to the railroad tracks. You can see where this is going. A train came by and caught part of the truck and dragged it a little ways before being able to stop. Oops!

Yep, so now everyone was stuck on the wrong side of the tracks.

People started to get a little testy once they realized they were stuck, and some folks started climbing between the rail cars to get out and even climbing through a hole in a fence to try to get around the train. After about two hours of waiting the train was finally able to move and it was a mad dash to get out of there. At least no one was hurt. Boozie would have just taken it as a sign that the Mardi Gras gods wanted you to party longer.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Prepare yourself for the final and most crazy stretch of the Gras! And just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Patron lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!